48 Nightblade / 28 Riftstalker

This is my variation of the Nightblade and Riftstalker combination that was wildly popular months ago and is sometimes still used today. I still prefer to use full Assassin, Marksman or Tactician AOE Hybrid for PVP though. But there are times you just want to play something different too so this might just be that for you too.

The build: 48 Nightblade / 28 Riftstalker / 0 Marksman
I chose 0 Marksman to get On The Double rather than 0 Saboteur for Adhesive Bomb. You will get Swift Shot as well with Marksman but I do not use it, doubt you will either.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Nightblade Crystal
T'Scain's Nightblade Crystal



You also could use Ebon Terror, each deal the same damage but Smother silences the enemy for 5 seconds while Ebon Terror confuses them for the same duration.

If you have the chance to, toggle on Touch of Darkness, you can toggle it while stealth without breaking it.


#show Dusk to Dawn
cast Dusk to Dawn
cast Dusk Strike
cast Twilight Force

You could remove Dusk to Dawn from this macro and have it as a separate key instead due to it having a 4 second root.

You will want to make sure State of Sloth is on your target as much as possible, I recommend using Karuul Alert, which gets applied by using Twilight Force.

Make sure that you put Primal Strike on another hotkey as you are not always going to spam Dusk Strike probably more than 5 times and this spec does not have Ebon Fury, unless you want it.

Do not bother to use Fiery Spike, it is useless in PVP.


#show Scourge of Darkness
cast Scourge of Darkness
cast Blazing Strike
cast Flame Thrust

You will want to make sure that you use Scourge of Darkness with 5 combo points only and not less.

Additional Finisher:

Guarded Steel

You will likely never use this but if you want an additional 10% amount of armor for 30 seconds then use it.


#show Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Assault
cast Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Stalk

You can use these for offensive or defensive purposes, only use them at least every 10 seconds if possible. They will be great if your target is trying to get away or out range you. You will also use them for increase critical hit by 5% for 10 seconds as well as putting up your shields to reduce damage taken.

Shadow Shift

I would recommend putting this shift on another key and not inside of the macro as it teleports you 15 meters forward and will give you more control when to use it or not at all.


Twilight Transcendence

This is basically your oh shit cooldown for when you get in trouble, may it be just be to stay alive a little longer or get to somewhere or a healer and so forth. Make sure to use it wisely, it is a great cooldown to have but it does have a 2 minute cooldown.

It removes all Curses, Diseases, and Poisons from you and reduces damage taken by 50% and damage done by 40%. It restores 50% of your max health over 4 seconds.


Planar Disruption - This has an 8 second cooldown.


#show Fiery Chains
cast Rift Disturbance
cast Fiery Chains
cast Weapon Flare

You will likely never use this. It will come in handy in few situations such as when you are try to keep someone from grabbing a stone or capturing a point.

Other Abilities:

Dark Containment - Incapacitates for 15 seconds or until damaged.
On The Double - Increased movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
Rift Disturbance - Deals 1170 to 1293 damage once for both weapons up to 10 enemies. Reduces Attack Power and Spell Power by 135 for 15 seconds on each enemy hit.

My KaruulAlert’s:

State of Sloth:
[crayon]KA:State of Sloth:aFiFCeNo1js0OgjAQhF+FJ8BWKWD2hPwkXjwA3kiahRZpUsWUvfD2libm2
KA:State of Sloth Missing:aHM2OeNo1TssKgzAQ/BW/wCZtfJQ9WTXQSw9qb4KsJtZAWkvci



Stalker Phase
Planebound Resilience
Hellfire Blades (or Fell Blades)
Smoldering Blades
Planar Reversal

You have survivability in this spec, so you do not necessary have to use Fell Blades for more.

You could also use Guardian Phase for a small percentage more of health if you absolutely thought it was necessary. But like I said, it will be small since we are not high into Riftstalker with no points in Improved Guardian Phase.