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Name: Steve
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Relationship Status: Taken


Self Owned Computer and Electronics Repair Business
Reviews, Walkthroughs, Location and Achievement Guides for VGB
Freelance Web Developer and Manager
Osco Liquor Department ’02-’08


High School Graduate ’03
DeVry University Alum ’07

Site Started: 1999

Favorite Video Games: I am a fan of most genres and in the past was an avid Call of Duty gamer since the franchise started back on PC. You’ll find myself playing games such as The Division, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, and so forth.

Favorite Movies: Will update again soon.

Favorite TV Shows: Will update again soon.

Favorite Music: It’s easier to take a look at my Last.FM account to get an idea of the type of music I really love and enjoy. My choice of music has really changed and expanded since 2013. <3 Google Music