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For the first time for me, I have had one of the worst T-Mobile Support experiences. Which is actually quite bad coming from someone such as myself, since I have always stuck by T-Mobile and supported or recommend them as a customer, even after 11 years or more now. What makes this even more sad, is that it is over the littlest thing you could possibly imagine, a broken charger.

It all started with their Twitter support, which many companies have now a days and it is really just the same as phone or FAQ/online support for most companies too. It is pretty much automated and they actually do not want to help you more than they do when you call them. It use to be different in the past, for example Comcast use to have great Twitter support, but the last few years that is non-existent.

It does not seem that T-Mobile wants to strive for customer service anymore. Why do I think this? Well aside from my experience, take a look at these results:

That’s not a good sign at all, and things do not look to be getting better. Especially when you have issues like mine come up, or far much worse issues for people that will up and leave T-Mobile and are not loyal. And speaking of loyalty, I am even questioning mine after this experience which I will be explaining now. Then there are just more, older articles like this one, Has T-Mobile Customer Service Taken A Turn For The Worse? or others that have continue to get written more of late.

What happened with me?

I used the option to upgrade a line of mine with a free and refurbished phone, nothing special either, just a Samsung T159 flip phone. The phone works just fine, but found out the charger actually is broken, closer look at it reveals that 1 of the copper pieces inside of the connector piece is missing.

So I decided to contact T-Mobile via Twitter and they are very much unwilling to help without wasting time and money. They want me to claim buyers remorse, which requires you to send the entire phone back and then order a new one. I am not sure how this would work with my upgrade option and so forth free (I am sure something bad would have happened), then again I do not want to pay shipping either and of course, waste more time without the phone in use, which I am sure would take up to 2 weeks. Maybe if T-Mobile would give me a free month I would actually consider doing this.

The other option would be to use buyers remorse and replace the entire kit by sending that one back and we send another. ^KM

That is it, there is nothing else they can do and have said twice now the following:

I wish we had a more efficient way but currently we do not ^KM.

Yes, thanks for really nothing. Honestly, their Twitter support might as well be automated. When I asked them if I would be able to trade one at a store, this was their response:

They should sell the cables in store too :) ^LG.

Are you serious? That was their response when I asked that and to have you spend more money because they could not even ship you a working charger. You would think that refurbished phones go through additional checks, and that would include the charger as well but I guess not.

That all having been said…

I more than understand this was not the worst support anyone has ever received and that it could have been worse. But at the same time, there is no reason why even people unlike me should have to deal with this lack of support, being told to use “buyer’s remorse” and be without a phone or have to purchase a new charger when you should not have to.

UPDATE: Samsung being awesome reached out to me and already in the process of getting a new charger replacement. I should have just contacted them to begin with. :)

Normally I would not write on such a story that Froyo is actually finally even coming to the Vibrant but this is just one of those times where if you put all of the Samsung news, Facebook updates and official tweets together, that you just think that this is actually true and finally going to arrive for us Vibrant users on T-Mobile.

Now, before I finally get to this story that will make you further believe it, you may already know or not that 2.2 Froyo was leaked for the Captivate. However, you cannot flash this or other versions on the Vibrant, even if the Vibrant barely different than the Captivate. I recommend waiting for the official build, even if leaked before OTA over custom roms unless others have made aware that are safe to flash and no issues reported.

Before I get to the story, this is what one of the Official Samsung Twitter accounts tweeted:

T-Mobile & Samsung hear your questions about timing of Vibrant update. Look for more info on OTA next week. Thank you for your patience.

Scott Young from TalkAndroid made a post today stating that he had bumped into someone from Samsung and after a while of talking he finally asked when Froyo was coming to the Galaxy S. He stated “mid-October” for the Vibrant and Captivate. Though he pointed out that it will take a little longer for the Epic 4G and Fascinate to get Froyo because they have CDMA. On another note, 2.2 was leaked for the Captivate as I stated above if you didn’t know.

Now this is coming from me, but Samsung did promise to have 2.2 shipped out to all Galaxy S phones by the end of this year, so even if you had to wait another few weeks for you Epic 4G and Fascinate users, you won’t have to wait long as long as they fulfill their promise. I am sure they will.


I am sure every other network like T-Mobile, Verizon, etc saw one hell of a huge spike in their network as well for text messages. Yesterday, AT&T reported that at one point that they were reaching 4 million text messages per minute, more than 60 percent above normal values.

It is their largest in history on their network since the 9/11 attacks. Nearly 65,000 text messages were being sent per a second. The voice call rate was about 10 percent above normal.

The news of Michael Jackson’s death also brought down popular websites such as Google News. It also caused interruptions with Twitter. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Source: BNO News

Lately and finally, more native true real OS X Twitter Apps have been coming around. So if you are looking to get away from those shitty Adobe Air apps like Seesmic, TweetDeck, Twhirl, Destroy Twitter or anything else. You have come to the right place. :)

There should be no reason why you are using those fake twitter apps especially on OS X. I can understand being use to them before these apps have finally arrived lately or if you are a Windows user using these Adobe Air apps.

Lounge is a great app. I am still using it as my main Twitter app along with Tweetie on the side. I mainly use Tweetie to scroll through my tweets faster as I can use the arrow keys. Lounges offers a great way to save searches and view linked tweets.

Tweetie is now a Mac app and no longer just a iPhone app. This app is probably the most beautiful Twitter app as far as user interface goes to use. Plus it has a great way to pick up where you left off such as what I always missed and from when I used Twitterrific (stopped using, not native and other reasons).

There is also Bluebird and Beak which I have not given too much of a try yet and might at a later date. But I am really liking Lounge and Tweetie right now a lot.

Lately more and more people are retweeting. Which is fine, I have no problem with that. Keep in mind, I do not mean to offend anyone that does this either. What I am talking about though are the people who retweet those that are not only popular on twitter but those with an outrageous number of followers, ranging anywhere beyond 50,000 or even 100,000 to 200,000.

I see people retweeting Kevin Rose (@kevinrose), Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson), Dane Cook (@danecook), Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki), Pete Cashmore (@mashable) and many, many more.

So is it really necessary to retweet someone with so many followers? I do not think so. Given yes, you may not of seen that tweet from the popular people and know about it later because of the retweet but it still seems pointless for that too. Because most people are going to either keep up with other peoples tweets, catchup on them later or whatever else.

Just check for yourself, view their twitter pages and look how many followers they have then go to and search for like @kevinrose or @rainnwilson, @danecook, etc. If you see RT in it or another form of retweeting (via @kevinrose).