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2 years ago, I preordered the Galaxy S4. Then the Galaxy S5 was announced and I preordered that too, especially for the camera.

Now the Galaxy S6 is coming out, of course, we all know a yearly release. I’ve owned the Galaxy S (Vibrant), the S4 and S5 and now I really want the S6.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get it, and here are the leaked specs for the phone, highlighted in bold are a big deal to me now:

  • 64-bit eight-core 14nm CPU which is 50 percent faster
  • 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a 577ppi density, stunning outdoor visibility, super dim mode for late night.
  • A huge 20 megapixel OIS camera sensor and a 5 megapixel f/1.8 front-facing camera with real-time HDR
  • 32 / 64 / 128GB of storage
  • 2550mAh battery
  • Built-in wireless charging
  • Four hours of usage on a 10 minute charge
  • Quick connect charging
  • Samsung Pay: works with 90 percent of existing magnetic stripe payment terminals, and NFC payment terminals
  • Metal and glass body
  • Gorilla Glass 4
  • Cat 6 LTE

Source: BGR

I was really considering getting the Nexus S, even though I just bought the Samsung Vibrant back on its release date on July 15th, 2010. I usually don’t upgrade phones very often, I take very good care of them and only upgrade to phones I actually love and will use for a long time.

I really wanted the Nexus S but only prior to learning all about it and what it does not have which is really upsetting. One great point was that it was running 2.3 and that updates will come straight from Google themselves and I won’t have to deal with Samsung any longer. I have put up with them all this time, I constantly flash unofficial (or if ever, official) updates of rom updates to my Vibrant too, so it is not like I am running an outdated version of Android such as JL6-2.1. I am currently running the unofficial stock Froyo JK6-2.2.

Here are the reasons why I won’t be getting the Nexus S, and why keeping any Samsung Galaxy S phone (Vibrant in my case) is better:

  • No 720p recording — It IS a hardware limitation, it is not software. You won’t ever be getting it.
  • No Gorilla Glass — Why not have it? I take excellent care of my phones and their screens, however, mistakes happen, I love to know that I would have a great protective screen to protect me from most accidents (even if they are not mine).
  • No microSD card slot — I still have yet to exceed or need more than my 16GB + 2GB sdcard in my Vibrant, however, knowing I can always add more space and switch the sdcard is a plus with the Vibrant, the same cannot be said about the Nexus S.

Now the Nexus S also has the following over what most Galaxy S phones, including the Vibrant, do not have:

  • Front Facing Camera (FFC) — This is not a big deal to me, it would be awesome to have but it is not going to make me switch seeing as the top 3 above, concern me more.
  • NFC chip — I likely would only use this 1 time just to play with it and see how cool it is. However, not many places do this anyways plus I would likely either forget about it or just opt to not use it this way.
  • Flash — I wish prior to getting the Vibrant that it had flash, especially coming from a camera in the past that had it, but not my last camera, the G1. But seeing how great the night mode is on the Vibrant camera, and how rarely I take pictures at night, this is not a big deal even if it would be nice to have.

Normally I would not write on such a story that Froyo is actually finally even coming to the Vibrant but this is just one of those times where if you put all of the Samsung news, Facebook updates and official tweets together, that you just think that this is actually true and finally going to arrive for us Vibrant users on T-Mobile.

Now, before I finally get to this story that will make you further believe it, you may already know or not that 2.2 Froyo was leaked for the Captivate. However, you cannot flash this or other versions on the Vibrant, even if the Vibrant barely different than the Captivate. I recommend waiting for the official build, even if leaked before OTA over custom roms unless others have made aware that are safe to flash and no issues reported.

Before I get to the story, this is what one of the Official Samsung Twitter accounts tweeted:

T-Mobile & Samsung hear your questions about timing of Vibrant update. Look for more info on OTA next week. Thank you for your patience.

Scott Young from TalkAndroid made a post today stating that he had bumped into someone from Samsung and after a while of talking he finally asked when Froyo was coming to the Galaxy S. He stated “mid-October” for the Vibrant and Captivate. Though he pointed out that it will take a little longer for the Epic 4G and Fascinate to get Froyo because they have CDMA. On another note, 2.2 was leaked for the Captivate as I stated above if you didn’t know.

Now this is coming from me, but Samsung did promise to have 2.2 shipped out to all Galaxy S phones by the end of this year, so even if you had to wait another few weeks for you Epic 4G and Fascinate users, you won’t have to wait long as long as they fulfill their promise. I am sure they will.


I usually do not mind bloatware to begin with, and I almost never use them either anyways. But after a while, you just want a clean device after having a while to play with it. Especially a Samsung Vibrant for how great this phone is, not just the screen.

I just wanted to take the time and explain to you how you can remove Layar and other “bloatware” applications that either T-Mobile, AT&T or others provide to you with your Galaxy S phone (Vibrant, Captivate, etc) if you want them gone for good. Now you will need root to do any of this. Rooting your phone is extremely easy and safe.

There are many methods to root your phone, you can look over at the XDA forums for easy ways to do it for your device. One quick method to root is by using the One Click Lag Fix app found in the Android Market. Do not let the name fool you, and you do not need to use the lag fix to get root either. You can unroot with this app or any other app, at anytime. Though there is no reason to unless you are sending the device back to T-Mobile or your carrier.

You can remove most bloatware with Titanium Backup which is free in the Market. You could also use Root Explorer however that is not free in the Market. So if you are in this same scenario and do not want to pay for Root Explorer than this easy method will work for you. You can also back up all of these apps with Titanium Backup in case you ever decide to want to use these again and want them back.

When you are removing applications, make sure you know what exactly you are removing. I take no responsibility if you remove something you should not that could lend up to messing up your phone or bricking it.

Use Terminal Emulator if you do not already have it, if not, you can grab it from the Market. Then in Terminal you are going to type of the following:

rm /data/app/com.layar.apk
rm /system/app/Layar-samsung.apk

Then there you have it, you have successfully removed Layar. You can actually use this method to remove other apps as well if you are unable to uninstall them in Manage Applications in your phone or with apps such as Titanium Backup.

If you are unsure of the application name, you can use this ‘ls’ command to find it.

ls /data/app/
ls /system/app/