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Last night I went and saw Furious 7 at the 7pm “midnight” opening and it was absolutely amazing. It had everything you could ask for in the Fast and Furious franchise. It had a lot of non-stop action, good fight scenes between all of the actors and a plot that I personally enjoyed and it seems other did as well.

The movie played a lot of homage to entire franchise throughout the years, including old friends such as Hector to even one of the two Muscle racers that Paul and Tyrese raced against in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The ending was a very emotional ending and one of the best that I think a movie could do for the loss and memory of Paul Walker.

Vin Diesel gave one of the best voice over speeches that you could ask for it. The best part of it was, was that fact he was just NOT speaking for the movie but also as a real-life speech and to his best friend on and off the screen. It was one of those moments where it takes you out of the movie experience and into real-life and it was a touching one.

Rest in Peace Paul Walker, you will truly be missed. Thank you for everything.

Paul Walker

I’ve been meaning to write my review on The Hangover Part II since after seeing the movie the night it came out when I went and saw it with my girlfriend, Jordan and my brother, Mike.

Let me first say that I’m a huge fan of the first film, I have literally watched it over 1,000 times easily, and will continue to over the course of my life. :) This will of course continue with this second movie as well. I would feel the same with any more as well, which is why I would LOVE to do at least 1 more. If they were to do a third one, which I really hope they do, it needs to be based on Alan (Zach Galifianakis). I would hope we could finally see more of Doug (Justin Bartha) too.

Back to my review though, it was awesome! I absolutely loved it and every moment of it. It’s hard for me to dislike a movie though, sure some movies mess up with sequels and there will be people that actually hated this one or will say “it’s the same as the first one” but they don’t get it at the same time it seems. The first movie will always be the best, that’s what you loved. I loved the first one as well as the fact that it was in Las Vegas, which just one of the best places you could ever visit. But that doesn’t mean I disliked/hate this sequel, not at all.

There are a lot of great moments and laughs in this one compared to the first too. You can sometimes guess what is going to happen next, but sometimes not at all or guessed wrong. They really tried to make sure that you wouldn’t guess what was going to happen or where Teddy was. They even poked fun at and made sure to check the rooftop of where they ended up in Bangkok first too. That was hilarious.

Overall, this is a must movie to see if you enjoy these types of films, comedy, etc. Especially if you enjoyed the first Hangover, I don’t see how this second one could disappoint you. It’s just another movie, this time a sequel. The industry writes and directs terrible movies all the time (comedy and not), this is not one of those nor close.

Last Thursday Night, my girlfriend Jordan, my brother and my good friend Michael went to see Iron Man 2 at the midnight release. We literally sat through 20 minutes of trailers, the most we have ever had to sit through. I am not necessary complaining about it but 20 minutes is a long time to watch trailers, we saw this movie at an AMC theatre.

The movie was fucking awesome and I really enjoyed it. I think I can say the same for all of us too that saw it too. If you see it, make sure to stay till the end of the credits. Majority of our crowd in the theatre stayed after the movie to watch the clip that we all knew was going to happen, just like at the end of Iron Man.

First off, there were a bunch of easter eggs, if you are interested in finding out what they were, click that link and enjoy. If you have not seen the movie, I would not recommend you read it. There are more articles out there on Google you can go to which provide more pictures of the easter eggs and discussion.

Now about the movie, the action scenes were awesome and well done. The best part I loved about the movie, is the final fight scene and the weapon that Tony Stark/Iron Man uses. If you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. If you have not seen it yet, you will know what I am talking about when you get to the scene.

I was also sketchy at first with Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as Rhodey. Do not get me wrong, Don Cheadle is a fucking badass actor and the same goes with Terrence Howard. But in the end, I think Don Cheadle deserves the role of Rhodey. The moments and humor between him and Tony/Iron Man throughout the movie were greatly written and well done. The chemistry was perfect, I think.

You will also notice that a lot of new characters are introduced in this movie than the first one. I have read around that more of the characters could of had a little more screen time such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and Clark Gregg especially. I do not 100% agree with this, but I do think they should of had a little more screen time. I am barely a fan of Sam Rockwell and his acting, but he did play the role of Justin Hammer good.

In the end, I rate Iron Man 2 a 10/10. It is definitely worth seeing and paying for. You can not go wrong here with the purchase, unless of course you do not like Iron Man or maybe even the first one.

I have been meaning to write a review on Avatar the first time I saw it. But since then I have already seen it a second time too, both times in IMAX 3D. I first saw it with my girlfriend and then the second time with my brother.

Where to begin? This movie was just one of the greatest movies I have ever seen my entire life. The visual effect will just blow your mind away. The story? Just one of the most amazing scripts in a movie in the last many years.

Yes, there have been other great movies with such great scripts and visual effects. I am not saying there has not been but Avatar I would have to say is the first of its kind in a long time, yet alone in its own category.

Now, if you did not know, this script was actually wrote in 1995. But due to the fact the technology necessary for such a film he in-visioned was not existent back then, it did not come out back it. I would say this is a very, very good thing and I am glad that James Cameron waited so long too.

I highly recommend you go see this movie if you have not yet, see it in 3D too, preferably IMAX over Digital but Digital 3D will be fine though. This movie blows a 10/10 rating out of the water.

At least one Avatar sequel is already in the works, possibly two more at that. Taken from James Cameron’s Wikipedia:

Cameron has confirmed that at least one Avatar sequel is being planned, including more story lines with Jake and Neytiri, and the exploration of another moon orbiting Polyphemus. The sequels are rumored to be Cameron’s next two projects.

I watched the star packed movie Armored earlier tonight. I must say, I was quite disappointed in this movie. I think I would of been more upset to have spent $20+ at the movie theaters as it would of been myself and my girlfriend Jordan at least there. I recommend only renting this one.

Basically what you see, is what you get. If you have seen the trailer, you know what the movie is about so do not expect more than that. There was no crazy twist or turn here in this movie which possibly may of made it even better. I will also point out it was a very short movie, only an 1 hour and 22 minutes long.

So the movie has pretty much every known awesome actor today right? Consisting of Columbus Short1, Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne2, Jean Reno3, Amaury Nolasco4, Milo Ventimiglia5, Skeet Ulrich6 and Fred Ward.

I think I would of enjoyed a different plot then what was shown in the movie. You could maybe split up the actors all working at the Armored Truck Service and have one half trying (bad) trying to steal the truck. Then the other half trying prevent the armored truck(s) from being stolen without any outside assistance and then go from there.

Anyways, that is not how the movie was or ever will be. It seemed as if some of the actors, especially Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno ad Skeet Ulrich really enjoyed bitching a lot in this movie and acting very pussy like. Even if they are just armored guards, I expected more out of such great actors. Unless they were playing these characters like such because they figured they finally realized they signed onto a terrible project and wanted to get it over with.

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Let me start off by saying that I do enjoy and like the game already. It is much, much better than Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. But I will start off by saying a short message to Codemasters. Why in the world would you not allow us to utilize ALL of the advanced options when starting a co-operative game? Seriously, the wait time if you happen to die from BULLSHIT while in the game is absolutely ridiculous. To top that off, if all of you die in co-op, you have to start the entire mission again.

Seriously Codemasters, what were you thinking? Why the hell even advertise that checkpoints have been reached if in co-op it does not count? Lazy coding to you “codemasters”? Ugh. I could totally deal with spawning right away with no checkpoints or vice-versa checkpoints with spawn wait time.

Anyways, I will move on to the actual game. These maps are huge. Now I do not exactly remember Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis size maps but I do remember they were fairly large but these maps are HUGE. With the lack of vehicles too, you find yourself walking/running a lot. Forget even crawling in the grass at any point, it will not even matter to your enemy A.I.

What about your team A.I.? Not the greatest. Sometimes they are smart, sometimes not. Half the time I find myself wondering where the hell did my teammates go? So if you are going to buy this game, make sure you have someone to play co-op with. Remember you can play up to 4 players co-op. Thank god, cause some people will need that.

You can command your teammates to do various commands from having them flank left to having the move fast or suppress fire. Now do they always do this? I found it works pretty well but since each mission is at least an hour long, if you do NOT die (especially in co-op) then you may find yourself using this less and less so you can move on since each level is not only huge but there are fairly small simple missions.

Now I have been playing on Normal so far which is the “easiest” and even then, do not think it is that easy. You can not run and gun in this game, it is pretty realistic but you will die in a few shots, depending where you get hit. You can heal yourself or get healed. Driving controls in this game are absolutely terrible. I have yet to get to any flying missions so I hope to god it is not as bad as driving vehicles.

Well that is about all I will continue to say, I have said enough. This game is not a terrible game, but it may just be that rental for you rather than purchasing it. Unless you are picking it up for maybe $15 and have interests in it. It could of been much better, especially if they were to make use of stealth, no point in having a knife you can’t use 99.9% of the time.

I was not expecting much when I popped this game in but wow, I was amazed at what I got. It is just a rental but wow, I would definitely of bought this game had I known how great it was.

This is the 007 game that, if you are a fan, you have missed since Goldeneye 007 on N64. Not only is the single player great but multiplayer as well. The single player campaign is not very long nor very difficult on 007 difficulty but it does provide a small challenge but not like say Call of Duty games on Veteran and such.

They have a cover system in the game which works very well though sometimes, more so online, there are hiccups. The game would not be as great without such a cover system especially for how difficult it would be on 007 difficulty or even just to stay stealthy and when or when not to move around a corner or whichever the case may be.

Multiplayer is a whole other different story. I was so surprised to see many, many people actually playing this game online. Not just during the day but at night as well. At night though most people playing are from other countries and not just the UK and connection is shit too but still it is nice to see a game that many people are playing online 3 months still after release.

The multiplayer graphics are not the best but this can easily be ignored to just play and have fun. There are many game modes to play for which you gain points from on each to be able to purchase weapons, gadgets and so forth for your player.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend picking up this game. I would rate it a 7.5/10. The movie itself may of sucked in my opinion but it is a nice FPS for the most part to play if you are looking for a game to play. The multiplayer is definitely worth checking out and will add more hours to the game as well. Especially since people are still playing it as I said with it being out now for 3 months.

Watched this movie last night with my friend. Wow, such a great movie is all I have to say, sad though too but great ending. Honestly to me, this is one of those many movies out there that you should at least see once in your life. My friend said she liked it as well.
Luke Wilson just once again proves to me that he is an incredible actor. This movie should definitely get nominated for an oscar. Radha Mitchell also plays amazing in this movie, loved her in Man on Fire and many other movies she has been in. Their acting and moments together are incredible.
I would really recommend watching this movie whenever you get a chance too.
Trailer: Apple | Info: IMDB

Last night I watched this movie with a friend of mine. Her thoughts first on this movie was that it was just alright though she obviously did like Vin Diesel in the shower scene, heh.
I think this movie could of been so much better. So I would have to say it was just alright too. It was not an absolute terrible movie though. There are for sure so many better movies that have already come out this year or coming out before you should sit down and see this one unless you are interested. That does not mean do not ever see this movie though. It had a lot of awesome scenes and what not. Vin Diesel is awesome, I am a fan. The movie seemed long but it was really short (1 hour and 22 minutes).
It is hard to say if it was a little long if it would of been better. They would of had to have done more to the story which I think was needed. I would have to say I give the movie 3 out of 5 stars. At most, it would be 3 1/2 but no more than that.
Trailer: Babylon A.D. | Info: IMDB

Yesterday I saw the movie Traitor with my date Jordan. Which on a side note, went absolutely great. :)
The movie stars Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Saïd Taghmaoui, Neal McDonough and a few other actors you may of seen in other movies as well such as Jeff Daniels. You can watch the trailer here.
I thought it was a good movie. I would not say it was absolutely great because there are many other movies I have seen this year that I would say were better. But I will go ahead and recommend seeing this movie. I did not think it was terrible what so ever, either.
I do not want to spoil any parts of the movie, so really watch the trailer and decide to go see it or not. Not my typical “review” but can not think of anything really to say at the moment then what I have said above plus I am in too good a mood to think.