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It has now been a little bit over a day since I have bought Mercenaries 2 and played quite a bit out of it already. Now to let you all know, I am a huge Mercenaries fan from the previous 1 title they had of it. So I have been looking forward to this game for quite a while now.

It is a great game in my opinion. Now I won’t say it beats GTA: IV on everything GTA had but it does a pretty good job at it. I actually think Saints Row 2 actually will be the new “GTA” that we missed out on and probably will continue to miss.

If you have played Mercenaries before, you will love this one. The game is also very similar to Just Cause if you have played that.

Now this game in my opinion has many bugs many bugs that need to shorted out and fixed. You can even head over to the Pandemic Forums and see lots of bug discussions going on there. I highly doubt we will see most of them fixed though, a lot of the major ones though I am sure will be fixed. A lot of times these days developers don’t seem to go back and patch their game. Especially since most games are patched only once. Though I can see it being understandable as to why many developers don’t go back and patch their games, it is also not acceptable for the price we pay and especially if there is ever DLC for that game.

What bugs am I talking about? Well there are many to list, mostly small ones I have noticed over playing the game. To list a few, some are like driving your boat through objects that should not be able to driven, which is not necessary a big deal but things that should not happen. Another is just random enemies either being killed and floating or already floating and shooting at you. My brother and I have experienced some pretty hilarious stuff. When creating a route to a location, it tells you to drive on the incoming traffic side. This could be confusing to new comers when driving over a bridge lets say and then turning around thinking they are going the wrong way when they are not. Other times when creating routes it just does not do it or gives you a really long route instead of a short one.

More bugs are just stuff is just stuff like not getting into a boat vehicle when you press the (Y) button or it taking a while. Or when you get in some of the bigger boats that are docked, they can’t go in reverse because the water is to sallow? Seriously? I have not experienced any freeze issues though as some people have been reporting across system wide neither have the friends I have played with.

Though not a bug, the draw distance REALLY needs to be upped a little. I think it is absolutely terrible. A few times already I have found myself going at high speeds and then all of a sudden a damn road block appears and we or I crash into it. Also, I would love if they fix the moron drivers doing u-turns in the middle of the street for really no apparent reason? They would be cool too. By this I don’t mean the ones that are enemies, I am talking about those who are friendly and just do a u-turn as you are almost about to pass them and may or may not crash into them while they do so.

The load times need to be improved, if they can be. I am pretty sure they can be it has been done to other games such as GTA: IV if I remember correctly. The load times for single player seem to be okay, maybe I just have not played enough single player to see. I don’t think the problem is there. But when playing co-op you can really notice it, especially since sometimes you are constantly loading. It just seems load times are bad more so for your buddy playing co-op with you.

For example, you and your buddy arrive at your HQ, enter (loading), then either go do a challenge (more loading and waiting) then finish it (they are usually short) then once you’re done say you want to go out and do a mission/take over an outpost/whatever else. You then have to load to get to that point if you take a helicopter, so more loading there since you do not always feel like driving across the map. That was just a long, example of what seems like constant loading (which is fine) but when load times take forever, it’s not.

That being said, this game is still great. It is definitely worth buying in my opinion. The bugs are not that big a deal but are noticeable sometimes. Pandemic Studios is most likely already working on a patch for some of the issues. You are going to be able to play the game without any serious problems most likely. If you experience any co-op problems most the time a simple restart or reconnect can fix that problem. The co-op for it makes it even better.

I give the game an 8 out of 10. That is only because so far the story seems pretty short, kind of lame and not well done. Which is not the biggest deal but they could of done more of it and better I think. Also what the characters say is repetitive and always the same. They could of at least recorded a few different lines to say each time you meet up with your friends, contacts and whatever else and then randomized it when you meet with them. What I talked about earlier with load times factor in a little too with my score.

Absolutely hilarious! Love every minute of it. I don’t know why we have not seen more of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly together over the past for years. They are a great team together.

I recommend seeing this movie especially if you love comedy movies.

Watch the trailer here if you live in a cave: Step Brothers Trailer.

Finally had a chance to play Iron Man The Game for Xbox 360 (long wait at GameFly). It’s not as good as I wanted it to be or could of been but it’s not an absolute terrible game. I did find it better than other games that have been made from a movie though. If saying that is worth anything. Achievements are very easy in this game. You can easily get around an 850 GS increase in 4-6 hours.

The story does not really follow much of the movie. Which is a good thing because it would then be a quite boring game and I could never even justify buying it for $60 if that were the case even though I rented it. I really cannot justify paying $60 for this game either though at its current state. It starts you off pretty much the same (slightly different) from the first time you see Iron Man in the movie in the caves. There a few villains in this game that you fight but for the most part, you are destroying tanks to your weapons that are in the wrong hands to missile silos and so forth.

The game is pretty short too. Can easily be beat in a few hours and returned next day if you wanted too. I skipped all the cut scenes too, just did not interest me what so ever especially already knowing pretty much what they are going to say because of the movie and anything else I could really careless for because this game doesn’t really draw you into loving it, caring or anything.

Weapons in this game are alright. You are going to use Iron Man’s repulsors most the entire game. Though he does have alternative weapons such as firing missiles or grenades I did not enjoy them too much and the “reload” times for them were just enough to forget about them most the time because of constantly firing my repulsors. Though they do help in blowing up tanks, helicopters and whatever else necessary to destroy though. So they do come in handy.

You are in the air 99% of the time so you never do come melee in this game as you are able too (excluding the first level). You don’t need to be in the air 99% of the time though, so it is not forced on you but not sure why you would not want to be though because I find the melee system absolutely terrible. It’s useless.

The game has its flaws though, there were times where the games just seems a bit buggy. It took me a while to get use to the flying. I could not find proper flying invert controls? When I changed what I found, it just messed me up further and on the ground so I just kept them how they were and just did my best to what I was sort of getting use too. Like I said, it took me a while but not too long. Just long enough to get frustrated to what I am use to with all other games.

There are other small things as well that I cannot remember or whatever and you will see if you decide to play the game. None of these make the game in playable though. Just annoyances I guess?

Graphics were absolutely terrible for pretty much everything. It’s not the worst I have seen but for games we see today, they were terrible.

I really enjoyed the ability to change up your suit and upgrade certain abilities from how powerful your weapons are and armor to how mobile you are as well. They balance it out though so you are not really going to be super powerful and run through the game on Formidable difficulty. You can even use different older suits such as Hulk armor or other early designs or colors of the Iron Man if you know its history. So that might be cool to you, I thought it was cool to add but that was it.

Overall, decent game. Worth checking out as a rental. I would stay away from purchasing this game though. There is no replay value in this game so do not waste your money. I give it 2 stars and if I were to go any higher it would just be 2 1/2.

I finally had a chance to play LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. My first LEGO game to play too. Wow, I was amazed by the game not too far into it and even more by the end of the game. I can not believe how awesome of a game this is. I am sure the same goes for the other LEGO games, I will be renting them as well soon.

Now I must admit I did not have many expectations for the game, did not even check any reviews on the game. I partially was going for achievements, yes, guilty. But I really wanted to finally check out the game. Even finished the game for 1000 GS too (annoying having playing the Bonus Super Stories for that 100% and not being able to skip scenes).

Just as the title of the game, the story does follow the complete Star Wars saga. I enjoyed the game even more by turning on Extras which in order to do that, you need to find certain power bricks for that particularly Extra that can be turned on which names are not shown so do a search on Google for the name and locations of those if you are interested. Extras are basically Cheats ranging from being able to use the Dark Side with Jedi’s to Health Regeneration and much more.

Throughout the game I found myself laughing at little things here and there. Not absolute hilarious things but just funny for the developers to have done. An example of this would be the LEGO characters faces and their reactions to whatever is going on at the moment. This might be funnier though and more obvious if you have watched all the Star Wars movies before and know what to expect.

I never found the game too difficult what so ever. There is no difficulty setting however there is a setting that you can turn off called Adaptive Difficulty in the pause menu. Turning this off will make the game quite easier and not adept on how good or bad you are doing to make the game harder or easier, etc. Plus, as I said earlier, turning on Extras aka Cheats will make this game even more easier if you some how enjoy that, find the game hard or whatever the reason may be.

If you were ever interested in checking out the LEGO games, I really recommend doing so already. Even if you were not interested, it is a good game to check out or something different to play depending on what you play. If you are a Star Wars fan, you should really check out the game.

I saw it earlier this morning with a bunch of friends (Thursday Night Showing). We got there early but not too early. So we got some pretty fucking terrible seats up front. Need to go see a chiropractor now.

Anyways, the movie was absolutely bad ass. An absolute must see. I can’t say if it beats Iron Man or not so I’m not going to bother deciding because BOTH are great fucking movies.

There is really nothing I hated about this movie that I can even thing of. Which is rare to see now a days I think nor was it too short. Though I can at least say that Batman’s Lair was not as cool as before. Too high tech maybe and the location? Maybe just me. Doesn’t matter.

The action and fight scenes were incredible. Well done. I don’t think the movie was too long either, I am sure others will think it is. But I thought not. There is no point where the movie drags alone leaving people to think they could of cut it out to make it shorter or anything like that. So go see and enjoy the movie. I actually enjoyed its length now because of it being such a great movie and I like longer movies as long as they are that.

To not spoil the movie here, don’t worry. Someone will be introduced. When that happened (near the end of the movie) I was surprised I was the only one in the theatre (no joke) to have released who it was and called it out. Not till a bit later after that scene, to those not familiar or that didn’t catch it, is his name revealed.

You can barely, BARELY tell that Heath Ledger in this movie is The Joker. You would never tell if you did not know going into it that he played him. His voice is so different and obviously he wears makeup. Hard to tell its him during the movie except maybe his hair but you could never if you didn’t know it was him.

I am disappointed though that we won’t get to see Heath Ledger as the Joker again or as an actor. I was never on the bandwagon for him to deserve an Oscar rather he played the part good or not. But I absolutely think after watching him play, that he deserves an Oscar after such a great performance. In my opinion, he kills the part over Jack Nicholson. I have not spoken to many people yet but some agreed he did too. Let it be known that Jack Nicholson was an awesome Joker and actor too. So for me to say that I truly thought he played better.

For those that do not know, Hancock is a movie. You can watch the trailer here.

The first half of this movie I really enjoyed. But the second half of this movie really sucks and goes downhill big time. The only way this movie could have a chance at being good is to have its script rewritten and even then you could never say it would be good.

Stop here if you would like not to read spoilers. You’ve been warned about spoilers. This movie has no villain what so ever unless you really want to call a bald guy with a hooked arm that Hancock recently put in jail a villain that is just a regular human being one. You could also say that Charlize Theron (Mary) would be a villain but she is more of a pissed off wife because 80 years ago Hancock forgot about her after being hit on the head in a fight and losing his memory. But even then, things are worked out anyways and I never thought it was much of anything.

This movie really has a lot of plot holes too. Points of the script are just written dumb as well, for example. You will find out that both of them “are married”, they are made in pairs (superpowers) but when they are together, they are basically normal people and lose their powers. The further away from each other, the more superpower they have. Now that being said, 80 years ago in Miami they were in an alley if I remember from the movie and some people beat him up pretty bad and hit him in the head or something similar, the ambulance would not let her ride with him and when she got there he was already awake and did not remember her at all. I guess they didn’t know of amnesia back then and she figured for whatever dumb reason, she would move on with her life as she does. Just dumb.

In the end though, it is up to you to decide if you want to go pay the money to see this movie. I say at least wait till it comes out to rent or another way that you watch movies because it is not worth the theater price to pay. I really wanted to like the movie, the beginning I had a blast, some people hated the beginning and the music and its jokes but I liked them and same with my friends so it is hit or miss. But I don’t think I have yet to come across anyone that enjoyed the second half of the movie.

I bought Metal Gear Solid 4 last Thursday night and ended up finishing it around 4AM (6AM if you count the hours of footage after the final boss) on Saturday morning. I just could not put it down and was drawn into it. Without checking the stats, I ended up with around 20 hours? of game time. Remember this includes watching the 8+ hours? of just movie footage. Hours of footage could totally be wrong as I just threw this out there, never counted or checked anywhere online.

Now I have never played the MGS series before, I have known about it and seen my brother play some levels here and there on some of the previous installments but just never got into it. I wasn’t much a PS/console gamer back than either.

If there was a possible score higher than a 10/10, this game would get it. I have never played such a game where not only am I drawn into the game but everything they did to make the game, gameplay or actual movie footage and so much more. I have just never experience what I have experienced in this game before. I’m no way comparing GTA4 to MGS4 but I do not think after playing this that GTA4 really deserves a 10/10 at all.

My brother keeps telling me to try some previous games of the series. I doubt I’ll do it, there are too many other games to play, those that I have not finished yet, have yet to play or have not come out yet. Plus, I love how MGS4 is, I doubt I’d dislike how the game is in the previous title or two but I’m not sure if I’d have a lot of fun (but I doubt it, I probably would still) because I love the little things that I don’t think previous installments have like how you can just buy weapons and customizations on the fly and everything else.

Anyways, In conclusion, this game exceeds 10/10 (if were possible). Now as any game out there, it has its flaws so it’s not absolutely perfect. But I still think it would deserve a score of 10/10 or higher if that were possible. Rarely do I ever find a game like this. Though I didn’t know the entire backstory behind MGS, only knew a little going into it. In the end I understood a lot, maybe not everything but I think you can definitely just jump in this game without playing previous. It helps you out, they could of done a LOT better with the story line, explaining it to you, cutting down the movies so they are not so long but it’s alright in the end. I also learned more by searching the net and/or using wikipedia.

I would not consider it awesome enough to resort to going out and buying a PS3 just to play this game unless you have other games you plan on playing on the PS3. Which are not many at all, still better off with an Xbox 360. Yet, this game is definitely worth having a look at if you do own a PS3. Yes, you may have to update your PS3’s firmware before you can play the game. You will have to install a few files before you can start playing the game (took like 8 minutes to start with) and then every so often, little installs of a few minutes or less will take place. I am not going to say it was fine and not annoying but it’s also was not a problem to me to walk away for a minute, you will probably not like being taken from the gameplay to watch movies that most of the time, last around 15 minutes or even longer as you get into the game. You will not want to skip them though unless your on your second or more play through. It’s still a good game to buy or at least, rent. Definitely beatable in most rental time periods if you have the time or get GameFly.

So I saw The Incredible Hulk that just came out. It was pretty good, definitely better than The Hulk they made a few years ago and Edward Norton is just an outstanding actor. It was NOT better than Iron Man, then again I did NOT expect it to be because Iron Man is just so much cooler. The ending, is even better, I will not spoil it for you, but the ending scene I thought was extremely badass. You’ll see if you decide to watch it. Like I said, pretty good movie, they did a great job on it. I liked it and recommend seeing it.

Seriously? Stay away from this movie. I’m a HUGE Mark Wahlberg fan, been looking forward to this movie for a while now. After this movie, I don’t know why Mark picked to be in it, I thought he only picked scripts he liked, especially loving basically every single movie of his prior to this one. I have no way at all lost hope in Mark and future movies but this one was bad.

Now I heard a few bad comments on this movie prior to seeing it, I still would of saw it if I heard even more because I would of still saw this movie because of Mark Wahlberg. I was also still interested in seeing it because Signs and The Village by M. Night Shyamalan were not that bad of movies either.

Want to know what is “killing” everyone? [spoiler]Killer plants and trees.[/spoiler]

IMDB | Trailer

I highly recommend getting this movie when it comes out on DVD, which is July 29th. I enjoyed it a lot and I don’t normally ‘favoritize’ movies since I love a lot of them but this is one of them already. There are also very few movies in the say last 10 years that I normally never watch twice, this is one I see myself watching many more times when it’s released on DVD.

IMDB | Trailer