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Finally had a chance to play Iron Man The Game for Xbox 360 (long wait at GameFly). It’s not as good as I wanted it to be or could of been but it’s not an absolute terrible game. I did find it better than other games that have been made from a movie though. If saying that is worth anything. Achievements are very easy in this game. You can easily get around an 850 GS increase in 4-6 hours.

The story does not really follow much of the movie. Which is a good thing because it would then be a quite boring game and I could never even justify buying it for $60 if that were the case even though I rented it. I really cannot justify paying $60 for this game either though at its current state. It starts you off pretty much the same (slightly different) from the first time you see Iron Man in the movie in the caves. There a few villains in this game that you fight but for the most part, you are destroying tanks to your weapons that are in the wrong hands to missile silos and so forth.

The game is pretty short too. Can easily be beat in a few hours and returned next day if you wanted too. I skipped all the cut scenes too, just did not interest me what so ever especially already knowing pretty much what they are going to say because of the movie and anything else I could really careless for because this game doesn’t really draw you into loving it, caring or anything.

Weapons in this game are alright. You are going to use Iron Man’s repulsors most the entire game. Though he does have alternative weapons such as firing missiles or grenades I did not enjoy them too much and the “reload” times for them were just enough to forget about them most the time because of constantly firing my repulsors. Though they do help in blowing up tanks, helicopters and whatever else necessary to destroy though. So they do come in handy.

You are in the air 99% of the time so you never do come melee in this game as you are able too (excluding the first level). You don’t need to be in the air 99% of the time though, so it is not forced on you but not sure why you would not want to be though because I find the melee system absolutely terrible. It’s useless.

The game has its flaws though, there were times where the games just seems a bit buggy. It took me a while to get use to the flying. I could not find proper flying invert controls? When I changed what I found, it just messed me up further and on the ground so I just kept them how they were and just did my best to what I was sort of getting use too. Like I said, it took me a while but not too long. Just long enough to get frustrated to what I am use to with all other games.

There are other small things as well that I cannot remember or whatever and you will see if you decide to play the game. None of these make the game in playable though. Just annoyances I guess?

Graphics were absolutely terrible for pretty much everything. It’s not the worst I have seen but for games we see today, they were terrible.

I really enjoyed the ability to change up your suit and upgrade certain abilities from how powerful your weapons are and armor to how mobile you are as well. They balance it out though so you are not really going to be super powerful and run through the game on Formidable difficulty. You can even use different older suits such as Hulk armor or other early designs or colors of the Iron Man if you know its history. So that might be cool to you, I thought it was cool to add but that was it.

Overall, decent game. Worth checking out as a rental. I would stay away from purchasing this game though. There is no replay value in this game so do not waste your money. I give it 2 stars and if I were to go any higher it would just be 2 1/2.