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Only 5 more days till Grand Theft Auto V comes out and the wait will be over! I think this one is really going to revive the series and bring back how awesome they use to be especially since Saint’s Row titles are hard to compare to the GTA series and have been prety much a disappointment like the latest.

Also the map was leaked today on Reddit/NeoGAF, if you were unaware the map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined. You can view the map by clicking read more.

MajorNelson made a post a few days ago on how you can turn off automatic renewal of your Xbox Live Gamertag. This saves you so much time since you will not have to call Microsoft/Xbox Live Support. So forget canceling, turn this off and what will happen is that your Gamertag will just turn into a Silver membership instead of Gold.

Sign into and click “My Account Section” then from there click the “Membership Level link“. You will then see text saying “Automatic Renewal: ON”. Now click the “ON” link and it will bring you to a page where you can turn it OFF. Select off and click next to finish the process. If you would like to turn them back on, just click the OFF link and go through the process again.

My suggestion? Just pay for the yearly membership no matter what you are doing. Unless you are using cards or cards from others there then sure, turn off automatic renewal so it does not charge your card. Otherwise, to those paying monthly fees, even if you barely game, in the long run you save. But hey, do what you want in the end, not my money.


I finished the new DLC for GTA IV, The Lost and Damned late last night. I must say I am impressed and not much upset with the 1600 MS point price tag. The storyline was not at all in my opinion.

I am not sure if they changed anything with the handling of the bikes from GTA IV to the new DLC but I absolutely had no problem riding the bikes and thought they handled better than the first if the holds to even be true. I fell off my bike maybe a few times and it took me about 5 hours to finish the DLC. Most DLC takes me about half the time they say it usually takes so if you are looking to get more than 5 hours, you will probably will get around up to 10. I do not run through the game at all either.

The new weapons are awesome! I love the automatic 9MM and automatic shotgun. I really do not care for bikes in most games but the few I rode in the game other than the main one you are given majority of the time, were nice too. They added like 30 bikes give or take some without checking.

They updated the radio stations with 39 new songs among more side content and games. I have not yet tried any of the games but I have heard some of them are fun to play.

Now before purchasing it you should know it is an entire new game, you are no longer Niko. Which is totally fine, there are a few missions that fall in between the original GTA IV storyline with Niko. I thought that was pretty cool.

In the end, I recommend purchasing The Lost and Damned. Read other reviews if necessary as they will go further into detail and among exactly everything added in detail. I am not disappointed with it but I do hope in the next GTA as a whole and not DLC they make things better such as where Saint’s Row 1 and 2 have been picking up in.

Here on my thoughts on the following GTA: IV article on ‘8 Things We Want to See in GTA‘.

    In-Car View. I was disappointed myself not to see this view when I first started playing this game. This can’t be that hard to have done. I wouldn’t play with this view 24/7 but sometimes I’d like too and mess around. They sort of already did this view when you are in the taxi.
    Fully Modeled Interiors for All Buildings. This is something I would like to see in the next GTA. I was not surprised at all not to see this in the current but it would of been nice to see a little bit more. Now, there are some buildings (mainly those shitty apartments around each city) that you can just go into and get to the top of the building but that’s mainly it. This is completely ignoring missions where this happens too.
    Multiple Cities. Not a big deal to me and totally understand if Rockstar would not be able to do it but I’d rather see other things added before this, personally.
    Destructible Environments. This is something they should of done at least a little in the current GTA. Now I understand that this would take a lot to be done and even if they only allowed it to certain buildings would of been fine because being able to destroy the taller buildings would just be wrong, especially it being based in NYC, it wouldn’t feel right being able to take down the taller buildings.
    More Realistic Crash Physics. Another that is not a big deal to me. I think what they’ve done so far in GTA: IV with car crashes is pretty good enough. Especially with showing the damage done to the part of vehicle on where it gets hit at and such.
    Robberies. I can’t believe they didn’t implement this yet. Especially after Saints Row did this, they still have yet to do it? There’s no way this is that hard to add, it just isn’t.
    More Moral Decisions and Consequences. They already started something good with this in current GTA: IV. I’m sure they’ve heard many many positive things on this already, if not, here’s another positive from me because I would like to see not only more of this but go even more in-depth.
    Co-op Play. I think I can speak for mostly everyone this is probably the most wanted feature of them all. Especially if they were to implement very well such as described in this article.

Last night I finished GTA: IV; GTA4, for 100 completion. Did it all for the Rockstar Games 100% Contest and for the ‘Key to the City’. The most difficult, most annoying and tedious part to complete has to be the 200 pigeons. Mind you, I was already being extra careful on marking off those I completed and making sure I didn’t mark the wrong ones.

Well I get towards the last few (was having troubles finding a few others but eventually did) but it all led to missing the last 2 that were both already marked off after having found them. The first one I found I know I never got and the second one I got probably in the first 50 that I got, not sure how that could happen but the only thing I could think of is that I reloaded the game or shut the system off and didn’t happen to have saved it or it autosave? Not that I’d do that but anyways, I’m done.

GTA: IV was released a week ago now. I’ve played it a lot this passed week. 77 hours, 11 hours and 51 seconds to be exact. I love this game, it’s a great game but I am upset at Rockstar for how much content they took out of the game among what was shown on trailers over the past year and how you can’t do most of what was shown.

I am just going to list them, not in any particular order. This is not a complete list as I’m not going to remember or think of everything that I have noticed. Also, I am NOT hating on GTA: IV, like I said, it’s a great game and I still love it. Though please Rockstar, give us DLC by August? :)

    * Weapons seem to have disappeared from this game. There are few to use but still great, M4 for the win. Silence Weapons? What happened?!?! Flame Thrower? Nightstick? Katana? Desert Eagle? Remote explosives? (Yes, you can get 1 for 1 time use till a few hours runs by from Packie but that’s not cool) Mini Gun? Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher? (It’s already pain to hit a helicopter with the RPG) The parachute? (Why?! You really need one with helicopter most the time)
    * Vehicle modifications and customizations.
    * I had around 1.3 million after having completed the story line and completing all of Stevie’s car missions. What am I suppose to do with it? Other than pay my hospital bills when I rarely die and buy cheap ammo from Jacob.
    * Mansions, Houses, etc. Why? Why take them out? I don’t understand. Let us purchase something! If you have not played the game yet or got to Playbox X, kill him, you get his suite.
    * Dealerships. I already know about the 3 dealerships in Algonquin and Alderney. Those you steal from, not buy. Turismo’s at Grotti in Algonquin a block from your safehouse on Albany Ave. NRG900’s in Northern Alderney on the corner of Lemhi St. and Sacramento Ave. Few different vehicles at AutoEroticar in Northern Alderney as was located at the corner of Kencekie Ave. and Lockowski Ave.
    * Fighting seems to have taken a hit in this game, thank god you only really fight in like 2 missions at the beginning.
    * I love the radio stations and the content on them but it doesn’t seem as if there’s a lot of different content on each station, it’s usually always play the same thing I listened to not too long ago. I expected not having to hear the same thing said 10 minutes ago on the same station?
    * While collecting the pigeons, nearly every damn time the cops come after you for firing your weapon, right? For when this happens, why do they know EXACTLY where you are (while you are on foot getting away) while not having seen you? Yes, I hate it. PLUS, why is the radar so damn large for just firing a weapon? Sigh. Each crime should determine how big the radar is, I don’t want to have to travel across town for something small town, like nicking a police car, which brings me too….
    * Seriously, everytime you BARELY nick a cop car, they still have to come after you? I can understand flying into one and what not but you barely hit one purely by accident, you now have to get away. Radar size? Psh, come on.
    * Not that we need money, seems the only real smart way to make money if needed after the story line is done is to collect the expensive best cars for Stevie. What happened to gambling? I wonder what happens (as to I never have found out) When you have $0 and you die, what happens to the bill?
    * The weapon aiming system I do love, it is so much better but why is it that everytime I go to aim at a cop in front of me, you either flip me around or move me to a cop or a civilian that is further away from that cop in front of me or someone behind a wall? :(
    * In trailers you showed us throwing people into trunks among other things, where did that go? Not cool.
    * When our weapon runs out of ammo, maybe I don’t want to throw it on the ground and have to spend $5,000 or more on it again. Stop.