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I finished the new DLC for GTA IV, The Lost and Damned late last night. I must say I am impressed and not much upset with the 1600 MS point price tag. The storyline was not at all in my opinion.

I am not sure if they changed anything with the handling of the bikes from GTA IV to the new DLC but I absolutely had no problem riding the bikes and thought they handled better than the first if the holds to even be true. I fell off my bike maybe a few times and it took me about 5 hours to finish the DLC. Most DLC takes me about half the time they say it usually takes so if you are looking to get more than 5 hours, you will probably will get around up to 10. I do not run through the game at all either.

The new weapons are awesome! I love the automatic 9MM and automatic shotgun. I really do not care for bikes in most games but the few I rode in the game other than the main one you are given majority of the time, were nice too. They added like 30 bikes give or take some without checking.

They updated the radio stations with 39 new songs among more side content and games. I have not yet tried any of the games but I have heard some of them are fun to play.

Now before purchasing it you should know it is an entire new game, you are no longer Niko. Which is totally fine, there are a few missions that fall in between the original GTA IV storyline with Niko. I thought that was pretty cool.

In the end, I recommend purchasing The Lost and Damned. Read other reviews if necessary as they will go further into detail and among exactly everything added in detail. I am not disappointed with it but I do hope in the next GTA as a whole and not DLC they make things better such as where Saint’s Row 1 and 2 have been picking up in.