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I’ve 60% complete with the game, what a great game.

Ignore all the problems with the game, such as graphic problems, random freezes, not being able to do some stuff because it will crash the game (like the club freezing problem when you dance) and such other stuff. or just stuff that should of been fixed like flying sucks…the controls/etc.

Put all that aside, and you have a great game here… soooo much stuff to do in the game, that you never could before.

You even have a great 2 player mode, where you can roam with whomever, great if you like to go around killing whomever/cops, getting lots of stars on you, etc. The problem with it though is it does not give you all the weapons you have and what not… such as the rocket (sucks, but you can still lock on helis easily and shoot them down, nice).

Ahh… and in a few days, Halo 2! So I will start playing that… and getting that beat, which I am at least trying to beat San Andreas now… and do all the other stuff to get 100% complete after Halo 2.

So what should you do? Go buy GTA:SA, and a PS2, if you do not have one laughing