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So a week ago Halo 2 came out, I got it the same day… I did not wait in line, rather I went at 6pm CST to go get the game, was able to, very easy.

So we got it, later that night, I started to play it, as I wanted to play the game on co-op with my brother, so we did.

Thursday night, we beat the game, total of between 6 to 7 hours. We did not play constantly of course, as we have other things to do, school, work, etc.

So what did we think of it? We both were disappointed, and we were wishing that GTA:SA disc did not get damaged, as my brother accidently did, and have not had time to pick up another copy.

So what was wrong with the game? Not enough ammo, to point out first, a lot harder to hold your favorite gun in this game, if it is the SMG, Battle Rifle or maybe Sniper. Which sucks, big time.

You are not just Master Chief in this game, you are also the Elite/Convenent, which I did not enjoy much what so ever.

Legendary is like near impossible, as we found out, we are doing co-op on it, and why is it so near impossible? Because we do not have enough ammo, and the Elite soldiers seem to never EVER miss, which is cool but not 100% accuracy… ALL the time, but it is beatable, we have beat a few levels, and it will take time to beat it all on lengendary… the challenge is great just ammo sucks once again.

Many more things, but, oh well… GTA:SA is the choice to get in my opinion for this christmas if you are not able to get it yet, over Halo 2.