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Only around 11 days till Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter comes out for Xbox 360 and still no update for COD2 Multiplayer. Good or bad? I think this is bad for COD2. For people I have chatted with when gaming, talking to friends and reading some online forums. A lot of people, like myself, will be moving to Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter and either using COD2 as a dust collector or selling it. I know I’ll keep it and maybe play it here and there but Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter is looking to look COD2 online because of many features/abilities that we can not do with COD2 and I’m sure will be able to do with Ghost Recon without a doubt because of their history and most likely the experience will be the same and probably better.

They need to send out the COD2 Multiplayer update fast if they want people to continue playing it online. It may not seem that important but really, it is. If less people are going to play it online and move to another game, the sales are going to drop in a sense as people will recommend they get GR instead of COD2. Now of course there are people that only play single player and all but even a small hit is something I think they would not want to take and actually make that little more money for their title rather than just hand it over to GR.

Come on and release the long awaited update already. At least I’ll still be able to recommend people COD2 or even both (GR+COD2) rather than just GR. I know GR is not out yet and who knows if it will have problems, doubtful because I have never experience any big problems with GR games in the past online, always been a great experience but true, I can’t say it won’t but only say it is doubtful or the experience of playing online will at least be better then COD2. With its inability to pick maps, servers, lag free games (not just hosting issues but actually lagging in the game that does not deal with your connection/or hosts at all) and so forth. Oh and even more features that would be great like private servers and ability to create your own (sort like I said before, picking your own map but with more customized settings-how many kills, how many ctfs, etc). I’ll end this here.