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In the past, I use to only play PC games and some console where as now it is pretty much all about the Xbox 360. So I will stick to just this console and what I have played personally. I wish I would of had more time in 2009 to venture off especially to play games like Uncharted for PS3.

  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum – Hands down one of the greatest games I have ever played in the longest time. I highly recommend picking this up to buy or rent, it has a lot of replay value if you buy it. I am more than anxiously waiting for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2.
  2. Modern Warfare 2 – For it’s multiplayer. Single Player was absolutely garbage story wise this time around. Plus the COD franchise has always been my favorite multiplayer games. Spec Ops was a good concept but too easy, even on Veteran, for my brother and I. It should of been done a little differently.
  3. BrĂ¼tal Legend – You may not like Jack Black, I do at least but this game was tons more than I thought it was going to be. The storyline was actually good and the gameplay was amazing. I put around 30 hours into this game and would easily put more into it to get more of the little achievements.
  4. Shadow Complex – This arcade game was fantastic. You could not ask for a better arcade game.
  5. Resident Evil 5 – It’s Resident Evil, this is probably the first RE game I have finished myself but with my brother in co-op. He is the one that has played all of the previous RE games though. I really enjoyed it, much better to play co-op with someone though.
  6. X-Men Origins Wolverine – Today’s games seem to be getting better when it comes to putting them on gaming consoles from a movie. Beautiful graphics with awesome gameplay. You get to have claws and kill people, what more do I need to say?
  7. Borderlands – I was thinking of putting this below X-Men but while I put around at least 60 hours into this game, X-Men just was a great game. I enjoyed and had a lot of fun in Borderlands though. But there were a lot of disappointments after playing the game so long that I wish it had.
  8. Ghostbusters – It is the only Ghostbusters game that is actually fun and enjoyable to play. Then also it is the Ghostbusters, why wouldn’t you love this game? Unless you weren’t born in the 80’s. The actors voices are here from the movie and there is an actual storyline.
  9. Transformers 2 – This was much better than Transformers 1 video game, so that is why it is on this list.
  10. Madden NFL 10 – Yea, yea Madden releases a new title every year. But this is the first time where I actually felt that it was really a good purchase and game itself. It felt “more” realistic (NCAA Football 10 felt even better) and much better than it has been in the previous years, 09 was good but 10 is better. We also probably know already and can say that next year, Madden 11 will be better than 10.

Remember, this is a top 10 list for just Xbox 360. I do know that some of these games would of never made my own top 10 list if had been more than just Xbox 360 and that I had played the others. I know the other games are better but I am doing a list of games that I had actually played while not venturing off too much this year.

Let me start off by saying that I do enjoy and like the game already. It is much, much better than Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. But I will start off by saying a short message to Codemasters. Why in the world would you not allow us to utilize ALL of the advanced options when starting a co-operative game? Seriously, the wait time if you happen to die from BULLSHIT while in the game is absolutely ridiculous. To top that off, if all of you die in co-op, you have to start the entire mission again.

Seriously Codemasters, what were you thinking? Why the hell even advertise that checkpoints have been reached if in co-op it does not count? Lazy coding to you “codemasters”? Ugh. I could totally deal with spawning right away with no checkpoints or vice-versa checkpoints with spawn wait time.

Anyways, I will move on to the actual game. These maps are huge. Now I do not exactly remember Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis size maps but I do remember they were fairly large but these maps are HUGE. With the lack of vehicles too, you find yourself walking/running a lot. Forget even crawling in the grass at any point, it will not even matter to your enemy A.I.

What about your team A.I.? Not the greatest. Sometimes they are smart, sometimes not. Half the time I find myself wondering where the hell did my teammates go? So if you are going to buy this game, make sure you have someone to play co-op with. Remember you can play up to 4 players co-op. Thank god, cause some people will need that.

You can command your teammates to do various commands from having them flank left to having the move fast or suppress fire. Now do they always do this? I found it works pretty well but since each mission is at least an hour long, if you do NOT die (especially in co-op) then you may find yourself using this less and less so you can move on since each level is not only huge but there are fairly small simple missions.

Now I have been playing on Normal so far which is the “easiest” and even then, do not think it is that easy. You can not run and gun in this game, it is pretty realistic but you will die in a few shots, depending where you get hit. You can heal yourself or get healed. Driving controls in this game are absolutely terrible. I have yet to get to any flying missions so I hope to god it is not as bad as driving vehicles.

Well that is about all I will continue to say, I have said enough. This game is not a terrible game, but it may just be that rental for you rather than purchasing it. Unless you are picking it up for maybe $15 and have interests in it. It could of been much better, especially if they were to make use of stealth, no point in having a knife you can’t use 99.9% of the time.

Another new Dreamcast game is going to be released this October. Yes, October 2009. The console that came out in 1998 is still living strong.

The game is Rush Rush Rally Racing and you will be able to buy it from sites like Amazon and eBay for $22 or less. It just amazes me that some old consoles would still even get a game made for it almost 10 years later. I still miss the old days of some of these consoles like Nintendo, Sega and my original GameBoy. It is just near impossible for me to go back to old consoles, I have tried and failed.

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On Saturday, August 29th, 2009 my Xbox 360 Pro Launch Console received the dreaded E74 error message. Which is basically right next to the RROD error. My Xbox 360 Launch Console is obviously out of warranty and I was not going to pay $99 to get rid of the launch console to only get a refurbished one sent back to me that could possibly get this again. Plus, the launch console is too valuable to me for various reasons.

Anyways, here is what I have noticed with the Xbox 360 Elite Fall 2009 build. The console is obviously quieter, without a doubt. I forget it is on, which is even better when you are using it to play movies. I never really had a problem with it while playing video games. I also noticed that game discs load much faster than before with the launch console. Then there is the Jasper CPU which you will not really notice but it is better than the Falcon CPU they used in the launch and early on system consoles. These 360’s should not be prone as much to the RROD’s or E74 error messages either.

If you are looking to get an Xbox 360, definitely by the Fall 2009 consoles or any other ones with later build dates. If you some how have waited this long to get an Xbox 360 because of hearing people with RROD/E74 problems, then you should not of waited but no need to wait any longer now either.

Fallout may soon be making the big screen jump. Bethesda Softworks, the company behind the most recent Fallout game, Fallout 3 has registered a trademark, claiming the Fallout name for “entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program” and in another filing, securing the trademark for “motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.”

I hope either or comes true. Fallout is such a great game, especially with all the new DLC content and next one coming out May 5th as well as Fallout New Vegas being announced the other day that will not be a sequel but still be in the same era.

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