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The Call of Duty in me has been dying for many years now, however I’m still looking forward to Black Ops 3. Gaming in general has died down a lot, though with all the new exciting releases coming up over the next bunch of months that should see a slight change.

I don’t have many expectations for it, but I do at least hope it’s a lot better and more fun than Advanced Warfare (not that it was horrible). There a lot of other games I look forward to play a lot more than this title though, especially The Division.

I LOVE The Fast and Furious franchise, huge Vin Diesel fan and Paul Walker too. So with that said, I’m looking forward to this hilarious spoof movie called Superfast! that makes fun of The Fast and Furious franchise. It’s also from the guys who made Meet The Spartans too, and whatever else.

The wait is over! The trailer for Grown Ups 2 has been released and I’m anxious to see it already. The trailer sort of reveals a lot but it does look a lot funnier than the first one.

Here is another what will likely be a great and hilarious movie coming out this year this time starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington together whom play undercover agents to investigate one another and so forth. I am a huge Mark Wahlberg fan, same is easily said for Denzel too. The trailer is a few minutes long, so if you hate when trailers reveal too much and/or too long, this could be one of those.

Jamie Foxx as President? oh and lets not forget CHANNING TATUM IS IN THE MOVIE. :)

Watch it for yourself, and yes I know this already looks like an exact copy of Olympus Has Fallen if you live in a cave and have not seen the movie or trailer for it. But I personally do not care, it has Channing Tatum.

The Hangover 3 Teaser PosterThe first official teaser trailer for The Hangover 3 is coming tomorrow!!!!! Until then, here is teaser of the poster for now with Alan and Chow.

I have been waiting for this movie since The Hangover 2 and when this was announced. Huge fan of the movies and Bradley Cooper.

This is also the end of the series, there will be sadly be no more. :'(

Now play the trailer below!