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If you are interested and want to learn how to stream video games in High Definition HD then you are at the right place. I will talk about how to stream and what settings are best to use and software at various streaming websites such as TwitchTV and ustream. Similar settings to these, should work with little to no changes at other various sites as long as the software can be used there or there are not limitations to the streaming settings.

If you have any questions or problems, post a new topic or reply to a topic (or pinned topic) in my forums: Video Game HD Capturing and Streaming

I stream video games from consoles in High Definition, mainly Xbox 360 but maybe once in a while you may see may use the PlayStation 3 (PS3). I also use a Intensity Pro which I have owned and probably the first to ever own since May 2008 when the card was hard to find and selling for $349. Not the cheap $199 that people can get now a days.

Most of these websites you are able to stream with Flash Media Encoder 2.5, now there is a 3.0 version which is the latest as of this posting but it does not work right off the bat with the Intensity Pro, this is Adobe’s felt and not Blackmagic-Design’s. 3.0 is an absolute piece of shit update, so I highly recommend grabbing and using 2.5 instead.

Then you can either use FME 2.5 right away with your Intensity Pro or go ahead and use a third-party application with FME 2.5 such as VH Multi Cam Studio. This will allow you to do more with your stream, add another camera (webcam), images, etc. If you just want to stream your game without adding any type of webcam, image, etc then go ahead and do not worry about using VH Multi Cam Studio.

The next thing you will need to do is either make sure that your audio cords from the Intensity Pro are going to your Line-In on your soundboard (or onboard soundboard) on your computer. You will need to buy a *insert* from RadioShack or from another store/online store such as If you still want the Intensity Pro audio cord connected then you will need to get an additional cable (which requires you to by a splitter). Then you will need to select Line-In from the audio device source. You can not and will not be able to use the Intensity Pro as an audio source.

First I will talk about UFragTV, as this is where I stream the most and prefer to at. It is the best streaming site for video games and the latest re-launch of the website has even better abilities than it ever did before.

Next is another site called Justin.TV as I am sure you are more than aware of.