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Here on my thoughts on the following GTA: IV article on ‘8 Things We Want to See in GTA‘.

    In-Car View. I was disappointed myself not to see this view when I first started playing this game. This can’t be that hard to have done. I wouldn’t play with this view 24/7 but sometimes I’d like too and mess around. They sort of already did this view when you are in the taxi.
    Fully Modeled Interiors for All Buildings. This is something I would like to see in the next GTA. I was not surprised at all not to see this in the current but it would of been nice to see a little bit more. Now, there are some buildings (mainly those shitty apartments around each city) that you can just go into and get to the top of the building but that’s mainly it. This is completely ignoring missions where this happens too.
    Multiple Cities. Not a big deal to me and totally understand if Rockstar would not be able to do it but I’d rather see other things added before this, personally.
    Destructible Environments. This is something they should of done at least a little in the current GTA. Now I understand that this would take a lot to be done and even if they only allowed it to certain buildings would of been fine because being able to destroy the taller buildings would just be wrong, especially it being based in NYC, it wouldn’t feel right being able to take down the taller buildings.
    More Realistic Crash Physics. Another that is not a big deal to me. I think what they’ve done so far in GTA: IV with car crashes is pretty good enough. Especially with showing the damage done to the part of vehicle on where it gets hit at and such.
    Robberies. I can’t believe they didn’t implement this yet. Especially after Saints Row did this, they still have yet to do it? There’s no way this is that hard to add, it just isn’t.
    More Moral Decisions and Consequences. They already started something good with this in current GTA: IV. I’m sure they’ve heard many many positive things on this already, if not, here’s another positive from me because I would like to see not only more of this but go even more in-depth.
    Co-op Play. I think I can speak for mostly everyone this is probably the most wanted feature of them all. Especially if they were to implement very well such as described in this article.