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I hope that the new rating change from R to PG-13 does not ruin the new Max Payne movie coming out on October 17th, 2008. I better not hear footage was taken out to get this PG-13 and that it was just a “change of heart” and that they rated it too hard.

Source: Joystiq

UPDATE SEPT 30, 08: Director John Moore has said this. “We trimmed some frames more for the sake of trimming frames than anything, but we got the rating without any major changes at all. I’m a little surprised that we changed their minds, effectively, but I’m happy about it. It proves that if you stick to your guns and you have the creative… that you can get the right thing done.”

Moore also mentioned that a version of the movie will be released on DVD that will be meant for fans of the game itself, featuring a slower story and more atmosphere. The “Gamer Dedicated Cut” of the movie will also feature some “rougher” content, so fans have more to look forward to after the movie hits theaters. Source for this: ars technica