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Great game I must say, probably the best and fastest Madden game I have yet to play. Not to venture off subject but I can’t understand how EA Games messed up so much on NCAA Football 08. It’s so terrible, especially load times, it makes you just want to play 07; which basically all sports games are the same with sometimes some useful cool added features.

In NCAA Football 08 you can save and upload your best plays from a game, I don’t understand why Madden 08 doesn’t have that feature. There are so many plays in Madden 08 already that I would love to upload and can’t, you can’t even save them to show friends later, how lame is that? In NCAA Football 08, you can. Though I like NCAA Football, I don’t care much to play it as much and save cool plays in it as I would like to with Madden.

Franchise and Super Star Mode’s are great, was playing as my Super Star from NCAA Football 08 till after so many games I just got bored of it (will go back though) and started a Franchise with the Chicago Bears.

Overall, I would give this game a 9/10. I highly recommend it if you are into sports games/football/Madden Franchise.