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What an insanely great game thus far. I know it’s only beta but wow, I am amazed. This has to be the smoothest game I have ever played. I’ve been playing for almost a week now. Was invited last Saturday but didn’t get a chance to play it till this past Monday.

Graphics are insane, by far better than games as of this date and before for the most part. For example, snipers camouflage is insane, lay in a nice patch of crash in the map Overgrown and it is really hard to see you even up close-though possible but harder.

There is still a lot of bugs and issues to fix in the game though and that is not at all a problem because after all, this is a BETA we are getting the privilege to test out and provide problems to fix.

Spawn points need to be fixed and be smarter, teams that are weak can easily get spawned raped constantly. There also needs to be at least like a 3 second invulnerability just in case. I don’t know how many times that this either happened to the other team or ours/I, spawning in middle of a battle and instantly dieing.

I would like to see at least an extra ammo clip given to us, I just feel as if we go through ammo too fast. It is a fast pace game, it’s NOT at all comparable to Rainbow Six Vegas or GRAW2/1. There is no teamwork necessary involved in public matches, though if there were, you could easily take apart the other team. Yes, you can easily either run over ammo if another person died recently and had the same weapon or you could pick up another gun (but I pref the one I had since it’s got what I want (perks) and so on).

I actually would like to see the killcam go, a lot of people on the CharlieOscarDelta forums don’t seem to but others I have overheard talking or talked too, would like to see it gone. Though it’s a great feature, it does prevent camping in a way but in the 3 maps we have, camping is not an issue. Maybe in Overgrown it would be but you see we have UAV (though it requires someone to kill any of the opponents 3 times without dieing). Then there is also the map, which lights up if anyone is shooting their weapon that does not have a silencer or does not have the UAV Jammer Perk to where you stay off of the UAV/Map. I just think it needs to go, I don’t always care where they killed me and it’s more of a challenge for me to go and find them and kill him/her rather than actually knowing where they killed me and heading there to kill him/her.

I do wish 2 of the 3 maps could be larger (Vacant and Crash). It’s nice having a semi-small map but I feel as its too crowded with 12 people. Especially with spawn points being terrible right now. So I would actually like to see these maps get a little larger and not only that be future maps (hopefully a decent amount of them and not limited maps as most games have today without having to buy more whenever they decide to come out if ever) to be bigger like Overgrown.

The perks are pretty damn cool. I like them, especially Deep Impact which allows your bullets to penetrate walls, therefore if you are shooting someone and they turn the corner, start shooting to the side they went to through the wall and if timed right and able to, you should be hitting them through the wall and kill them.

The weapons, almost nothing to complain about here except possibly ammo, like I said earlier already, another clip at least would be great but it’s still not THAT much of a problem like I said. I am however annoyed when people use the Mini-Uzi/Scorpion and maybe sometimes the shotguns but I know most of use hate that weapon even though we sometimes use it ourself. Plus, people are trying to complete there challenges with it and will continue and when the game comes out, so no luck on seeing those barely used much. Especially if you find someone that loves the weapon because it’s almost easy to kill people with it and fast.

Ranking is pretty easy. You are good at first person shooter games, you should not have a problem ranking up fast. It took me 2 hours to rank up from Lvl. 11 to 16 on the latest level cap increase on September 7th. And before then on the Monday when I first played the game, I was at level 11 at least 3 hours (was getting use to the game, the maps, the weapons, etc and multitasking).

Well that’s it for now, I will probably do another write up of the beta in another week or later than that. I may even capture some video game play, if allowed too, so I will read on that.