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I have a week vacation off of school. :) Finished my finals the other day, which I believe really went well. Almost sure I’ll pay each class with high A’s.

So what will I do with my week off? Well I work 4 days this week, my final parts for my new computer come in so I’ll be messing with my new computer and what it can do, play 360 as usual, wait for Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter (release next week), finally get to watch my shows again because the winter olympics are FINALLY over with and not sure what else I’ll end up doing, just relaxing I guess before I start these new classes which I hope I’ll do good in, which reminds me I have to get a book for one of the classes.

Well last night I finally played 360 again after a few days off and went back to Fight Night Round 3 and finished off all the gamer points for it, had 6/8 achievements in one day and planned to get the other 2 that same day but was unable to (was busy). For anyone wondering, the game is great, graphics are amazing and I recommend anyone thinking about it to buy it, you can download the demo off of marketplace to see how it is before you actually buy it if you are worried you won’t like it/play it as much/etc. I still have yet to play online, which I will get to soon.

I recently watched “Grandma’s Boy” and wow, this movie was hilarious, I loved it. You will recognize a lot of familar faces in this movie, it is a Happy Madison Production. You can read more about it at IMDB: Grandma’s Boy (2006)