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Last night I finished GTA: IV; GTA4, for 100 completion. Did it all for the Rockstar Games 100% Contest and for the ‘Key to the City’. The most difficult, most annoying and tedious part to complete has to be the 200 pigeons. Mind you, I was already being extra careful on marking off those I completed and making sure I didn’t mark the wrong ones.

Well I get towards the last few (was having troubles finding a few others but eventually did) but it all led to missing the last 2 that were both already marked off after having found them. The first one I found I know I never got and the second one I got probably in the first 50 that I got, not sure how that could happen but the only thing I could think of is that I reloaded the game or shut the system off and didn’t happen to have saved it or it autosave? Not that I’d do that but anyways, I’m done.