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Why do I always wait to the last minute to do most of my school work? I know I am not the only one that does this and there is nothing wrong with doing it occasionally or all the time and as long as you do not do it to certain things. Forever now I seem to do all my school work at the last minute.

Now I think I do better work when I am pressured to finish it because of time, as long as I don’t wait too late to do things. I tend to push it off by saying I have time or if I do not feel like starting it or doing it all each week.

I have a project to do this weekend, I will probably end up doing it Sunday evening through night. Why? Because I work Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Then I have finals next week. I will probably wait till the last minute to study for them and for one class I may not because I already know the class pretty much by heart. The other class might have a challenging final though. This easy class and easy final for me that I am talking about is my Fundamentals of Small Systems Class which I am currently getting 96.67% as of this moment. The class I might have a challenging final in is Advanced PC Applications for Business but I am getting a 97.06% in that class so even if I do slightly bad, I should still end up getting an A for the class as well as the other. Advanced PC Apps for Business is all about working in Excel and Access and the other class covers everything about computers from monitors to input devices to operating systems and so on.

I know I can’t keep waiting till the last minute for everything and what I am doing right now is not that bad and my end results for all the classes I have been in have all been good, all A’s and 1 B out of 8? some classes taken already. Though I know for the upcoming classes I will be taken, I can not do this, especially English classes and these others might be a little more of a challenge then I have right now.