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Normally I would not even write a post or even announce that I am leaving some sort of site, especially some new site that has only barely even been popular nor around long. But I felt as if I really needed to write such a post.

If you have not heard of Fanvibe, which I guarantee 99.9% of you have not, then just to give you a brief information on them, they are a sport check-in service. This is exactly like how Foursquare and Gowalla are, expect you do not have to be at the game to check-in.

I have been using them for the last few months, I was excited to keep using them still too since the NFL was just starting up it’s regular season and their pre-season had been going on. Prior, I was waiting for it to start as well as the NBA season later on. But up until this past week, that will never happen again. If I had the time, I would actually start my own service as such, and do what Fanvibe did wrong as well as alienate their users. It is too bad I have no time for that at this moment.

They changed something this week that was incredibly stupid of them, which I am sure Art Chang had most to do with this change. They normally have questions during a specific game for an extra XX amount of points. Not a crazy amount, until this week, they changed it to the thousands. One of these questions even led to 9,000 points for you, if answered correctly. Now remember, you must be actively viewing this game to even catch these questions and answer them in a specific time. I did not get to participate in this, nor was there any type of announcement or notice in their (shitty, annoying) daily newsletter either.

But the reason I left because of this, is because they changed nothing else at all on the site in relation to points. If you are going to make such a changes to the points then you need to adjust the points given everywhere else as well so people that are not able to catch the change and/or participate at that time have a chance as well to play the game fairly and earn such a high amount of points too. Be it by new ways of earning points (not going to give out suggestions) or making properly picked games 1,000 points instead of 10 points to whatever you need to do.

I ended up also getting into long arguing discussions with them, what is quite sad and shows how much of a poor team they were to begin with. I do not see this website lasting long while continuing the way they are.

Are Nintendo consoles going to disappear just like Sega did in 2001 within the next 5 to 10 years? Maybe around 2016? I think so. I do not think you will see them completely disappear, I see them taking the same route as Sega and moving towards all software instead.

Why do I think this? Well read and think about this. Microsoft has the Project Natal addon for its Xbox 360 coming out later this year in 2010. Project Natal is going to be able to do much more than the Nintendo Wii will ever do and just possibly any new console Nintendo ever pushes out, could do.

Microsoft Xbox Video Games are just so much superior than Wii’s little games, mainly arcade titles remade, Wii Resort, Wii Sports, etc. Exclude Xbox Live for a moment, any game hands down beats the Wii down. We all know this, yes, there are different groups of gamers that love Wii games over the 360. That is all understandable, I am not arguing this anywhere. But that group of people is much smaller than the larger group for Xbox 360 (or even PlayStation).

I am not bashing the Wii or Nintendo, I can see how it looks like I might be. But I have always loved Nintendo, maybe not so much now a days as I do towards the Xbox 360. I just for see them eventually disappearing such as what has happened to Sega in the console market. We have, or at least I and many others, grown up and seen great fun consoles disappear and in a short period of time to never live a “full life”.

Nintendo has Zelda, Mario and other great, lovable and never, ever forgettable characters but will they always be there to save the console? I do not think so. Yes, the Nintendo Wii has sold many, many consoles. There is no doubt about that or looking at those stats, that you would think Nintendo would disappear from the console market. But I at least, am one of those people that just think it could inevitably happen.

Kids love the Wii and it is a great party system to kids and teens. Sometimes even adults. Maybe I am looking at the Nintendo from a pro gamer aspect and then thinking it can not survive, while part of that may be true, I think you need to hit that pro gamer market and older markets to further survive. Everyone grows up, so I think that everyone that is growing up with the Wii, will eventually need to be hit as well or they may lose them too and come to a drought in between generations.

Here is the upcoming downloadable content “Stimulus Package” for Modern Warfare 2. Provided for you in High Definition (HD). There are 3 new maps, Bailout, Storm and Salvage. Then also 2 old maps from Call of Duty 4 (COD4), Crash and Overgrown.

This map pack is exclusive to Xbox Live for the first match and will be out on March 30th, 2010. After the exclusive month is up, you will be able to grab them on PS3 or PC. This map pack on Xbox Live is 1200 MSP.

If you are looking to obtain the three achievements or trophies for collecting all M-Com Stations in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 then watch both videos below (Part 1/2). These are in High Definition, they will auto play in High Definition too. If you open them in a new window, they may not. They are best viewed in 720p but 480p/360p is watchable too.

Complete Blackout Achievement for destroying all satellite uplinks. This is glitched so you will get it before getting all 24.
Communication Issues Achievement for destroying 15 satellite uplinks.
Link to the Past Achievement for destroying 1 satellite uplink.

I hope you enjoy this achievement/trophy guide. If you have any trouble, questions or anything else. Please do comment on this post or make a forum reply under this topic in my forums.