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Finished the new DLC a few days ago (Operation: Anchorage). It may not be the best DLC but I was not much disappointed with it either. I love Fallout 3 and already have known they plan to come out with another 2 more that will further more add to the many hours I have already put in Fallout 3 already.

For anyone wondering, Anchorage is played in a simulation pod thing (forget real name). So all your weapons and armor do not get taken with you. But need not worry as I still had a lot of fun playing through what given to me along the way of playing Anchorage. It was good.

The same goes as they did with Oblivion so I can not say I was disappointed at all with the few hours it adds to your game. In the end you get a few new nice weapons to your arsenal among a very nice piece of armor that looks cool. Plus 100 more Gamerscore for this DLC. I am looking forward to the next 2 DLC’s coming out by Bethesda.