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This is the 2nd time now that this game has a corrupted save point for me. I am not done with this game yet but I am so annoyed with it right now.

The first time it happened is when I bought the game when it came out last month. The save point got corrupted on the same level too last the first time and this time, level 6. I know I will give this game 1 more try and probably more after that though next time I am not going to even pause the game to even upgrade anything and further more, not even die though that rarely happens anyways.

I just wish this problem never happened. It is not like I am doing anything wrong here. It is just a HUGE annoying bug that from what I have researched, not many people are experiencing. All I did during this level near the end was press the Back button to access and upgrade my powers and what not. I guess I did do it too fast? or it just happens period? Then when loading back to the game, it just loads forever, corrupts the save and next time I try and play (after waiting a while then shutting system off/on, the game does the same.

No way to get back to where I was without starting all over again. I am not going to even bother to figure out what it could further be because I am not going to play this a 4th time either. My brother did not even experience this either on his console. Could be bad disk but I have never had such a problem either though with a disk. I am just going to be VERY careful on my next playthrough.