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So today I learned that Trion; the developers of the mmorpg game called RIFT, is donating $1 to Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play charity for every RIFT digital upgrade purchased between December 9th through 11th.

Now the digital upgrade; which there are just only 2 of them, costs $10 each and don’t actually offer much of an “upgrade” to your gameplay no matter which digital upgrade you go with. Which is why Trion fails at donating for this charity event especially with their advertisement of “‘Tis the Season for Giving” and just wants users to give them more money for really nothing yet alone a measly dollar to the Child’s Play charity when it would never hurt them to give more. These 2 upgrades detailed below do not effect ones RIFT playing over another without it in anyway if they would have decided to give more than just $1.

Collector’s Edition only offers an Ancient Tartagon mount (you can buy the same similar different coller, a collector’s satchel that offers a backpack of 24 slots and a Bogling wastrel companion which to be honest, majority of the gamers rarely ever use companions and they are only just for show.

Ashes of History Edition only offers a Spindrel mount (spider mount) which you rarely ever see anyone using anymore other than the first week it was released, a personal banker that has a cooldown of 2 hours (really?) and is only useful every now and again when you’re not at the Sanctum or Meridian such as in a raid, dungeon or event, and lastly a faction tabard which is just another useless chest wardrobe of many already that you rarely see people using too.

You’re telling me that Trion can’t at least give $5 of the $10 spent from a customer to give to the Child’s Play charity? What a joke, and they say it is the season for giving, sigh. You might as well donate straight to Child’s Play yourself if you want to donate.

Source: ‘Tis the Season for Giving – Child’s Play Digital Upgrade Weekend | RIFT Digital Upgrades

Before a lot of games were already overpriced at 800 MS points. Now it seems that rate is jumping to 1200 MS points. I just checked out a game called Death Tank, just a game to play for a little bit, different and some fun. Yes, I could play the trial but why bother? I am limited with no achievements and pretty much, fuck that.

But there is no way in hell I am paying 1200 MS points for a fucking arcade game. Are you nuts? I do not get it. I have not looked into who makes the pricing for these games, if it is part Developer, All Developer, part Microsoft, all Microsoft, I have no idea but why? You literally would see an increase of money yet alone people purchasing the game if you priced this game at either 200 or 400 MS points (at most).

A lot of these arcade games are not worth more than 400 MS points. There are many reasons to this, a lot of these games are just flash games you can play online for free. Now obviously there are many reasons as to why some do not want to do this and what not, to each there own. I am not saying they need or should be free on Xbox Live either but lower the pricing and you will still make money. Do not be greedy because that is what you are being right now.

I would of bought Death Tank for 200 or 400 MS points. But sadly you priced it at 1200 MS points so you will not be getting a sale from me. Even if it were 800, sadly, not, even though you have made it multiplayer, I can not justify the purchase myself. This sadly goes to other unnamed arcade games out there that are overpriced. I do not buy many arcade games not just for this reason but just because I have many regular Xbox 360 games to play already. But every now and then, it would be nice to play an arcade game and/or with friends.