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I have been meaning to write a review on Avatar the first time I saw it. But since then I have already seen it a second time too, both times in IMAX 3D. I first saw it with my girlfriend and then the second time with my brother.

Where to begin? This movie was just one of the greatest movies I have ever seen my entire life. The visual effect will just blow your mind away. The story? Just one of the most amazing scripts in a movie in the last many years.

Yes, there have been other great movies with such great scripts and visual effects. I am not saying there has not been but Avatar I would have to say is the first of its kind in a long time, yet alone in its own category.

Now, if you did not know, this script was actually wrote in 1995. But due to the fact the technology necessary for such a film he in-visioned was not existent back then, it did not come out back it. I would say this is a very, very good thing and I am glad that James Cameron waited so long too.

I highly recommend you go see this movie if you have not yet, see it in 3D too, preferably IMAX over Digital but Digital 3D will be fine though. This movie blows a 10/10 rating out of the water.

At least one Avatar sequel is already in the works, possibly two more at that. Taken from James Cameron’s Wikipedia:

Cameron has confirmed that at least one Avatar sequel is being planned, including more story lines with Jake and Neytiri, and the exploration of another moon orbiting Polyphemus. The sequels are rumored to be Cameron’s next two projects.