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Here is a viral video going around of Cookie Monster revealing himself as Batman. One of the most commonly recognizable characteristics of him is his gravelly, growling voice. In the first few Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” film series, Batman’s voice was a little more than just rough and gravelly and drew large debate which is what recently sparks this viral video.

I personally do not mind his voice, I enjoy the movie and move on at the end of the day. I am not saying they could have noticed it early and had him change his voice a little, but it is over and done with. It is a good series and Christian Bale is great as Batman too.

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the 1990s FOX animation series, discussed the topic at length at Chicago’s pop culture conference C2E2 in 2008 and said the following:

“Christian Bale is an excellent actor, he just got steered wrong,” Conroy commented. “Obviously someone should have stopped him and said, ‘You sound ridiculous.”

While Conroy’s comments were applauded, there was one reader that posted such character direction was inspired by the original comics:

“The growling voice is not an original idea: it is referenced in the comics,” Brad wrote on “In “Knightfall”, Robin makes a reference to Batman’s “gravelly” voice while talking to Nightwing. Yes, the purpose is two-fold: cover his identity, and to be intimidating. I grew up watching Batman on television, and wondered why no one recognized the voice of well-known Bruce Wayne.”

I saw it earlier this morning with a bunch of friends (Thursday Night Showing). We got there early but not too early. So we got some pretty fucking terrible seats up front. Need to go see a chiropractor now.

Anyways, the movie was absolutely bad ass. An absolute must see. I can’t say if it beats Iron Man or not so I’m not going to bother deciding because BOTH are great fucking movies.

There is really nothing I hated about this movie that I can even thing of. Which is rare to see now a days I think nor was it too short. Though I can at least say that Batman’s Lair was not as cool as before. Too high tech maybe and the location? Maybe just me. Doesn’t matter.

The action and fight scenes were incredible. Well done. I don’t think the movie was too long either, I am sure others will think it is. But I thought not. There is no point where the movie drags alone leaving people to think they could of cut it out to make it shorter or anything like that. So go see and enjoy the movie. I actually enjoyed its length now because of it being such a great movie and I like longer movies as long as they are that.

To not spoil the movie here, don’t worry. Someone will be introduced. When that happened (near the end of the movie) I was surprised I was the only one in the theatre (no joke) to have released who it was and called it out. Not till a bit later after that scene, to those not familiar or that didn’t catch it, is his name revealed.

You can barely, BARELY tell that Heath Ledger in this movie is The Joker. You would never tell if you did not know going into it that he played him. His voice is so different and obviously he wears makeup. Hard to tell its him during the movie except maybe his hair but you could never if you didn’t know it was him.

I am disappointed though that we won’t get to see Heath Ledger as the Joker again or as an actor. I was never on the bandwagon for him to deserve an Oscar rather he played the part good or not. But I absolutely think after watching him play, that he deserves an Oscar after such a great performance. In my opinion, he kills the part over Jack Nicholson. I have not spoken to many people yet but some agreed he did too. Let it be known that Jack Nicholson was an awesome Joker and actor too. So for me to say that I truly thought he played better.