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The Chicago Bears released their 2012 schedule a few hours and this is what we have! I overall like the schedule and the teams we will be facing during the regular season. I think we have a chance, especially with our new roster, to make the playoffs and a run for the Super Bowl. After all, we do have Brandon Marshall, one of the best fucking wide receivers right now! He will be joining Jay Cutler again, they have great history together.

Nike has unveiled a new uniform for the Chicago Bears! Not much as changed and still shares the traditional feel that we all love with the Bears.

The new jerseys are done in a classic Bears style. The most notable difference is that the player numbers are on the shoulders instead of the sleeves, allowing for a bigger George Halas logo on the sleeves. The jerseys are more fitted than in the past, but that is as far as the obvious visual changes go. Other changes to the uniforms include a lighter belt ring, and numbers that are sewn into the fabric as opposed to sewn on to the jerseys, allowing for a more lightweight uniform.

Brian Urlacher was sent as a representative to check out the new uniform and tweeted this photo to everyone.

While the uniform does not mean a whole lot to me and I am sure others, I would rather the Bears play better as they have been and dominate. I think the new players we have recently acquired such as a new WR Brandon Marshall will help us out a lot and hopefully get us to another Super Bowl!

But with that said I absolutely love and dig the new glove design (top right image).

Brian Urlacher, Linebacker for the Bears, also tweeted about the new uniform stating:

Brian Urlacher: “new jerseys are sweet…Classic Chicago Bears look.”

Well after today’s disappointing loss to the Broncos; or rather Team Tebow depending on how you want to look at it, there goes the rest of the season for us Bears fans. We should have easily won this game 10-7 if it was not for Marion Barber’s fucking screw up in the 4th quarter running too close to the sideline for the Bronco’s to push him out of bounds to stop the clock. Then he further cost us the game in overtime when a Bronco player force fumbled the ball on him while he was carrying it to what could have been some great yardage.

It all started to go downhill for the Bears after we lost Cutler and especially when we lost Knox due to their injuries. We were having a pretty good season when Cutler was playing great along with Knox and others while we had a 5 win streak going until the injuries to them.

Hanie has not been able to play as great as the Bears team and us fans have hoped for. Though do not let it sound like this is all Hanie’s fault, because it is not just his. Plus you need to know, as most do already, this is his first time playing with exception to the last game in the 2011 season and starting in the NFL. He did not have enough time to prepare for this and I wish we would have had another Quarterback to fall on and use. If you want to blame anyone, as most do, I would probably start with the coaches such as Lovie Smith and Mike Martz.

Well anyways, as always a Bears fan, I can only hope that the 2012-13 season will be much better for us.