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The Call of Duty in me has been dying for many years now, however I’m still looking forward to Black Ops 3. Gaming in general has died down a lot, though with all the new exciting releases coming up over the next bunch of months that should see a slight change.

I don’t have many expectations for it, but I do at least hope it’s a lot better and more fun than Advanced Warfare (not that it was horrible). There a lot of other games I look forward to play a lot more than this title though, especially The Division.

Are you kidding me? 2008 is over and they still think they are going to push out Home this month? Give me a break. PlayStation Home is a joke now, I am sure Sony already realizes this too though. Who really is going to use this? I know I will install it and try it out once but I know I will not be going back to it any time soon after that. Xbox 360 is has already taken off even more, especially this season already selling out PS3 3 to 1 on Black Friday 2008.

Check out any of these links to read a full article on this news rather than what I have to say. Neowin