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What a hell of a great game! Both teams did amazing but in the end Steelers player Holmes had one hell of a catch to hopefully clinch the win and well, they did! They Steelers ended up winning Super Bowl 43, 27 to 23. I like both teams but in the end, I stuck with the Steelers and wanted them to win but it would still of been nice to see the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner to win a Super Bowl too.

Commercials were so-so, I don’t enjoy them a whole lot but I also do not dislike them either. You can view these commercials at or I very muched liked the trailers shown during the commercials but I have already seen most of them anyways. The halftime show I enjoyed too and thought it was better than it has been in the last many years, nice job Bruce Springsteen.

This year may not be the a good nor the best Super Bowl but I expect it to at least be a good game. I am sure we will see the Steelers come out and win but you never know, the Cardinals should put up a good fight and never know what can happen till the game is over. I would like to see the Steelers win but that does not mean I would not like to see the Cardinals win either.

It is not a big deal since I would of rather have seen other teams in the Super Bowl especially the Chicago Bears. Good luck to both teams, like I said, it should be a great game minus the ads we will probably be disappointed with (cough money4gold, you got to be kidding me..).