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So this movie stars Anton Yelchin as Charlie Bartlett along with Robert Downey Jr. playing the Principal and his hot and sexy daughter played by Kat Dennings. Great movie. The guy who plays Charlie, I’d love to see in more movies, I looked him on up IMDB, don’t recall any of the movies he has been in but he has been in more TV shows, never saw him in them either. Robert Downey Jr. plays great I think at least but then again, I like him as an actor, he was perfect for Iron Man and did great there too. Then you have Kat Dennings, with the few movies I’ve seen her in, she’s been outstanding and so sexy (The 40 Year Old Virgin).

Charlie ends up getting kicked out of another private school, this time for creating fake driver’s licenses. His mother decides to have him live at him and try going to a public school. He’s not a kid that fits in easily, so he decides to come up with a plan for everyone to like him and so forth the story goes on. I highly recommend watching this movie, I think most people will enjoy it. I had a lot of laughs in this one, it’s not solely based around a comedy but it is one along with drama. So get it and see it!

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