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Remember years ago when there were many cheat codes to use in Video Games? Now a days there seem to be much, much less of this. While we all know a lot of this has to do with games being much easier to play, difficulty wise or not. Also due to Achievements on Xbox 360 or the recent addition of trophies of PlayStation 3.

Now I am not writing about missing them, wanting them back or anything like that. Things are fine the way they are. But having seen a tweet on Twitter weeks ago is what is making me write a post about this. Now time to time, you do find cheat codes have been added to some recent games and even some allow you them to be used to gain achievements (not that you in a sense are really achieving anything by doing that).

But just take a look at how games use to be really hard back than where it required you to use a cheat if it were available or use one to make it less frustrating from you, games like Contra or Bionic Commando and much more that I am sure you can think of by yourself too.

Hell there were many websites, some more popular than others that allowed you an easy place to get those cheat codes like CheatCC and more. They still exists though and probably always will. But they are just nothing like they use to be and probably as visited as much as they use to be too.

Well I just wanted to touch base on this a little and not write too long of a discussion on it, much more I could say though.