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Here is a simple way to get non-compatible extensions to work with the new version of Firefox 3.6.

Just open up a tab to the following page “about:config” without the quotes. Click the button that says “I’ll be careful, I promise!” to get into the configuration file. Then right click anywhere in the list, select New > Boolean and type the following in as its name “extensions.checkCompatibility.3.6” with a value of False.

Restart Firefox 3.6 and your previous disabled extensions should now be enabled. I had to do this because a few extensions I use have not been updated yet, one of them being Easy DragToGo and Super DragAndGo However, if anyone is using DragIt 0.6 or QuickDrag this will work for you as well to get them to work.

If you at all encounter any problems and this is not working, in about:config find the name “extensions.checkUpdateSecurity” and set it to false. You should not need “extensions.checkCompatibility” set to false.