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Nike has unveiled a new uniform for the Chicago Bears! Not much as changed and still shares the traditional feel that we all love with the Bears.

The new jerseys are done in a classic Bears style. The most notable difference is that the player numbers are on the shoulders instead of the sleeves, allowing for a bigger George Halas logo on the sleeves. The jerseys are more fitted than in the past, but that is as far as the obvious visual changes go. Other changes to the uniforms include a lighter belt ring, and numbers that are sewn into the fabric as opposed to sewn on to the jerseys, allowing for a more lightweight uniform.

Brian Urlacher was sent as a representative to check out the new uniform and tweeted this photo to everyone.

While the uniform does not mean a whole lot to me and I am sure others, I would rather the Bears play better as they have been and dominate. I think the new players we have recently acquired such as a new WR Brandon Marshall will help us out a lot and hopefully get us to another Super Bowl!

But with that said I absolutely love and dig the new glove design (top right image).

Brian Urlacher, Linebacker for the Bears, also tweeted about the new uniform stating:

Brian Urlacher: “new jerseys are sweet…Classic Chicago Bears look.”

What a hell of a great game! Both teams did amazing but in the end Steelers player Holmes had one hell of a catch to hopefully clinch the win and well, they did! They Steelers ended up winning Super Bowl 43, 27 to 23. I like both teams but in the end, I stuck with the Steelers and wanted them to win but it would still of been nice to see the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner to win a Super Bowl too.

Commercials were so-so, I don’t enjoy them a whole lot but I also do not dislike them either. You can view these commercials at or I very muched liked the trailers shown during the commercials but I have already seen most of them anyways. The halftime show I enjoyed too and thought it was better than it has been in the last many years, nice job Bruce Springsteen.

This year may not be the a good nor the best Super Bowl but I expect it to at least be a good game. I am sure we will see the Steelers come out and win but you never know, the Cardinals should put up a good fight and never know what can happen till the game is over. I would like to see the Steelers win but that does not mean I would not like to see the Cardinals win either.

It is not a big deal since I would of rather have seen other teams in the Super Bowl especially the Chicago Bears. Good luck to both teams, like I said, it should be a great game minus the ads we will probably be disappointed with (cough money4gold, you got to be kidding me..).