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This will be a short post because I could rant on Gowalla, its staff and decisions all day long. Gowalla is going nowhere, fast. Here is just a brief reason as to why.

Earlier today Gowalla tweeted the following: (which are exact copies from FourSquare’s features)

More fun: you can now add notes & recommendations to spots in your trips, plus create twice as many trips as before!less than a minute ago via web

Now, I do not care about the above features, nor will I probably ever use them. However, back on March 17th, 2010 Gowalla tweeted (and shortly later deleted) the following tweet. Which when they first tweeted this, I laughed to Michael about because 2 weeks is more like 6 months to Gowalla when it comes to anything on the Android phone. Gowalla puts their priority into the iPhone and fails hard with the Android. However, just recently, Android passed iPhone users. Will anything change though because of that? No.

Anyhow, like I said already, there is a lot I can write about Gowalla and will save that for another time. But if Gowalla wants to succeed, they need to start making such easy features more wildly available and ready right away, not months later. It took Gowalla way too long to produce a working Gowalla app, after many failed promises it finally arrived and was dreadful. The mobile site was much better than the first initial releases (before beta). Finally they have a working app for the past 2 months but it lacks many features and design issues that the iPhone clearly does not have.

Yes, you heard the title right. Gowalla is more than okay with you cheating, not only you but your friends as well, for items. They also allow Street Team Elite Member(s) to cheat as well without any consequences against them.

One of these cheaters is Ryan Graves aka “jonessodarally” on Twitter, Gowalla, and MySpace. He also just happens to be part of the Street Team Elite for Gowalla. A few months ago Ryan Graves openly admitted on Twitter that he was using the Geolocation hacks to check-in at numerous, countless spots that to this day were never removed as check-ins and further more, action, even as a Street Team Elite Member, was never taken on him for doing so.

So this is where Gowalla is more than okay, with you cheating its system and grabbing those items you really want to vault.

Jonathan Carroll of Gowalla tried to reach out on Twitter about the current problem going on but as typical companies, Gowalla just being another one of those, never even responded to the email he was sent after he asked for one. Nice job. Source: Jonathan Carroll’s Tweet on April 12th @ 11:56 AM CST.