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For those that do not know, Hancock is a movie. You can watch the trailer here.

The first half of this movie I really enjoyed. But the second half of this movie really sucks and goes downhill big time. The only way this movie could have a chance at being good is to have its script rewritten and even then you could never say it would be good.

Stop here if you would like not to read spoilers. You’ve been warned about spoilers. This movie has no villain what so ever unless you really want to call a bald guy with a hooked arm that Hancock recently put in jail a villain that is just a regular human being one. You could also say that Charlize Theron (Mary) would be a villain but she is more of a pissed off wife because 80 years ago Hancock forgot about her after being hit on the head in a fight and losing his memory. But even then, things are worked out anyways and I never thought it was much of anything.

This movie really has a lot of plot holes too. Points of the script are just written dumb as well, for example. You will find out that both of them “are married”, they are made in pairs (superpowers) but when they are together, they are basically normal people and lose their powers. The further away from each other, the more superpower they have. Now that being said, 80 years ago in Miami they were in an alley if I remember from the movie and some people beat him up pretty bad and hit him in the head or something similar, the ambulance would not let her ride with him and when she got there he was already awake and did not remember her at all. I guess they didn’t know of amnesia back then and she figured for whatever dumb reason, she would move on with her life as she does. Just dumb.

In the end though, it is up to you to decide if you want to go pay the money to see this movie. I say at least wait till it comes out to rent or another way that you watch movies because it is not worth the theater price to pay. I really wanted to like the movie, the beginning I had a blast, some people hated the beginning and the music and its jokes but I liked them and same with my friends so it is hit or miss. But I don’t think I have yet to come across anyone that enjoyed the second half of the movie.