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This year’s biggest surprise movie according to the list yahoo movies put together was The Hangover. Now this movie could of been so much better than it was, how about actually showing what happened rather than trying to remember? This is where I hope The Hangover 2 picks up from and makes better. Time will tell, I still will see it. Anyways, I saw this movie the night it premiered with my girlfriend Jordan. Like I said, while it could of been better I did really enjoy it and have since seen the movie a lot since then.

Back to it being the “biggest surprise” summer movie of the 2009, it made a total of $270,237,753 in the U.S. alone. Not bad what so ever I would say! The biggest loser of the year was Land of the Lost with $49,438,370. That, I would totally agree with. Will Ferrell needs to start rethinking the roles or movies he makes. The biggest was Transformers 2, now that one is an easy one :) while I have yet to see it, will soon with Jordan in the meantime it made $399,416,040. The new Harry Potter movie made the biggest worldwide though with $895,958,075.

Somehow Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs made it as the biggest international hit with $613,790,529. I am quite surprised by this. While I saw the movie and it was alright, it was not as good as Ice Age 1 or 2 was.