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Every damn year TBS decides to play the classic 1983 Christmas movie “A Christmas Story” for 24 fucking hours.

I seriously cannot be the only one out there that gets annoyed by this? I of course just simply just change the channel and watch something else anyways. There are plenty of other great movies on during the day as well as the many sports games that I watch each and every year too, Go Lakers and the Chicago Bears!

But does this one movie need to be played all damn day long by TBS? I do not think so. I will not argue that it is not a good or classic movie, I know it is. I do enjoy watching it maybe 2 or 3 times while more than likely not a full sit through. But does it need to be played for 24 hours? I can see maybe playing it every few hours while TBS plays another great classic movie in between it.

What TBS should do is mix in a bunch of Christmas movies and do a 48 hour marathon (or stick to 24 hours) with movies such as “Christmas Vacation (1989)” “The Santa Clause (1994)“, “Home Alone (1990)“, “Babes in Toyland (1986)” (like TBS use to play), “Miracle on 34th Street (1984)“, “Scrooged (1988)” as well as many other great and classic movies to choose from.

Note: I especially love watching both Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation” and Tim Allen in “The Santa Clause” movies all the time. I do like Home Alone too. Who does not love these specific classics?

So what do you think? Would you rather have a mix of great and classic Christmas, especially all or most from the list I mentioned played for either 24 or 48 hours in rotation or just “A Christmas Story” played all day long?

Do not get me wrong, I am all for Earth Hour if we all did it properly. But the case is, is that we do not.

If companies and if any of their locations, the large number of those, do not participate in this. Then no one wins and it is just a waste. Not only that, but Earth Hour is only once a year for an hour. Where is the logic in this? What is this suppose to teach us? Is this suppose to make us or the Earth feel better? Well, it does not what so ever. It probably hurts more than anything, especially when, if anyone, is turning those lights back on an hour later anyways.

If you want to help the earth, people and companies need to start getting their act together, which in the long run will most likely save the money anyways, start switching to fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent. It does not stop there, recycling, unplugging devices not in use, commuting better and so forth.

Anyways, I just wanted to write a simple short blog post on this. I am not your average “lets save the earth” guy, but I am no where near against saving the earth or against doing anything that is not better for the earth. If you are interested in helping out, there are many sites out on the internet such as for which you can learn more on how to get involved, from just you, to companies to schools and so forth.

This episode will go in my top 10 episodes of all time! Not only that but the Jim and Pam moment towards the end of the episode all tops my few amazing Jim and Pam moments of all time. It was quite interesting and cool to find out that Jim and Pam do “illegal activities” haha. That was so funny to find out. Lmao.

There were so many great quotes in this episode too. If you are not watching The Office, you are missing out big time, I will tell you that for sure. If you are a fan, thank you because I am sure you rock! :) Not to say those that do not, do not rock, just that, go watch it now!

Some quotes:
Pam: “If it were an iPod it would be a shuffle.”
Creed: “What’s a text?”