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Just got back a little while ago seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I enjoyed the movie a lot and thought it was awesome. I’d tell any Indiana Jones fan to go see this movie and anyone who has not seen this movie and is either not sure about it or whatever the reason be, see the first 3 Indiana Jones movie before hand. Why? Because I think you will enjoy it more having done that, even if you have seen just 1 of them, watch them in order. If you’ve seen them, a refresh would not hurt either if you have the time.

I’m not saying you will absolutely love the movie by doing either this, just think you might enjoy it more. It’s definitely not the best movie of the year either, Iron Man took that spot so far and there are a few movies up against that such as Batman Begins and maybe even Hancock? Who knows and whatever other movies there are that I am not mentioning that could be.

I went with 10 friends to see the movie. Their reactions were mixed but no one said it was terrible or bad like how bad Cloverfield was when most of us went and saw that. Some of us including me actually liked it.

The audience’s reaction to the movie (after the movie was over) was so-so. Not as great as I expected from the audience.
[spoiler]Which is most likely because of the the movie basically having just ended the movie with the alien’s flying off in the space ship. I say basically cause after that there is a scene between Indy and his son talking then Indy getting married finally.[/spoiler]
Maybe 30-40% clapped, if that? It wasn’t a FULL theater but it wasn’t empty. I would say maybe 70% of the seats were taken. I didn’t hear anyone say anything bad about the movie as we were walking out. I don’t think people were thrilled about the aliens though for sure.

The action was great. You may find there to be more “bullshit” parts to the movie but again, it’s a movie. I am sure you would rather want to see some crazy cool scenes go on rather than something lame and typical, that’s just my take on it. Plus, the previous Indiana movie’s have done the same stuff anyways.

The comedy is still there and easily laughable as the previous Indiana Jones movies and I am sure still will be if you to watch it again just like the first 3 movies. There is even a few easter eggs, such as near the ending scene of Area 51 when they were driving through the warehouse of boxes.

[spoiler]After the movie, my friends seemed to have mixed thoughts on the movie, they thought it was good and action was great and everything else. But I think from gathering their thoughts together, the alien stuff was too much for them. I kind of have to agree with them too, it got really crazy. Now, I’m not saying throw out all the alien stuff, especially because the movie is about the Crystal Skulls but just got to be a little TOO MUCH.

Now having said that, lets go back to Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. Remember the ending where the Nazis have and then open the Ark of the Covenant? What happened? Spirits came flying out and were flying all over the place then end up killing all the Nazis and something goes flying into the storm like sky then comes falling down into the chest.

It’s not only that, things happen in The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade as well. So it’s not like it wasn’t a good idea to have done what they did. Just maybe not SO MUCH alien could of been done. Plus they took the Crystal Skulls and made their own type of story with it. Not that there is any true story anyways or that I believe the world will end on December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends and such. (What I just said was not part of the movie, there was no talk of that in the movie just what is believed by people in real life today on collecting all 13 skulls, only a few have been found)

Either way, I don’t think it makes the film terrible though. I would like to see Steven Spielberg make a 5th installment. I don’t think Shia Labeouf should take lead role, he just can’t play that role yet that Harrison Ford has made great so far. It would have to have Harrison Ford again and teaching his son to be better and finish school, hah, among everything else. I’ll be there opening night to see it.[/spoiler]