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I recently came across the Drobo FS Internal Problem/Mount Failed error. This happened to me twice about 2 weeks apart but I was the one that did cause the error. The first time I was able to fix it fast and easily but the second time, not so much and not without Drobo’s great support.

Now this error is well documented now over at the Drobo Support site and with very few search results. However, at the same time that article might not help you if say you were in my situation. There are more than a few ways to get this error from my understanding, the reason I received this error however was due to me using 100% disk space.

If you receive this error, first and foremost make sure you contact Drobo Support so they can help you.

With that said, I was able to get rid of the DroboFS Internal Problem/Mount Failed error by gaining a custom firmware from Drobo Tier 3 Support that enabled SSH again (I had it disabled). With SSH enabled again, I moved a few files off the Drobo to clean up space. After that I restarted the DroboFS and once again was able to access my data easily and without any Internal Problem/Mount Failed error.

If you already have SSH enabled then you do not need to gain a custom firmware and you can simply just run the following command in PuTTY:

mount -O rw /dev/sda1/ /mnt/DroboFS

Then close PuTTY and use WinSCP to connect via SCH to move or delete files from your Shares. WinSCP just makes things easier with an interface to look at and what not else. This typicall goes without saying but by including “-O rw” to mount, we make sure everything is Read/Write, otherwise it will be Read-Only File System and you will not be able to do anything (move/delete/etc). Once completed, restart the DroboFS and your error should be gone as mine was. If you do get a custom firmware, it is safe to go back to the latest DroboFS firmware when you are finished.