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Finished the new DLC a few days ago (Operation: Anchorage). It may not be the best DLC but I was not much disappointed with it either. I love Fallout 3 and already have known they plan to come out with another 2 more that will further more add to the many hours I have already put in Fallout 3 already.

For anyone wondering, Anchorage is played in a simulation pod thing (forget real name). So all your weapons and armor do not get taken with you. But need not worry as I still had a lot of fun playing through what given to me along the way of playing Anchorage. It was good.

The same goes as they did with Oblivion so I can not say I was disappointed at all with the few hours it adds to your game. In the end you get a few new nice weapons to your arsenal among a very nice piece of armor that looks cool. Plus 100 more Gamerscore for this DLC. I am looking forward to the next 2 DLC’s coming out by Bethesda.

This coming January, 2009, will be the last MacWorld Expo Event that Apple throws. Not only that, Steve Jobs will not even be there to attend the show and give us not only the last MacWorld Event, but the last time we see what is going to be coming out that day, next day or coming months.

First off, I understand that Apple is getting much bigger than they were years ago. They have many, many new stores now with more stores to open up. Also the fact that their website is much better and to buy from. So they no longer really need to get out to the world on what is new or going to be coming out and when. Especially with how many blogs there are today and newspapers that report on new Apple products and such.

Now, that being said. I am still sad to hear this is the last MacWorld. I have always enjoyed not only watching it when they come out (I have not watched them all..) but I have always been there to watch live blogger posting pictures and text of what Apple is announcing at the time for them being there. I do not think it would be such a big deal though for them to cancel it, if Steve Jobs would actually be attending the last one. You would only think he would do that for the Apple Fan Base. But I guess not.