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I’m curious to find out how many people actually donate money. While 99% of the time, I do not approve of donating because of various reasons ranging from does my money even go to so and so to the fact that I have to live myself, bills to pay and so forth many reasons why. I do at least donate to Breast Cancer.

Now I am not saying to donate, or to not donate to specific places. This is your decision and yours alone.

I decided to write this post because of all the donations going on with Haiti right now. It is a sad thing what happened to that country, there is no denying that. But should we all really be donating? Will all the donations even go to the right people? I’m not talking about a small or good percentage either, I want to hear (which we all know is bullshit) that 100% donation goes to them. While this may be the case with some of them, we all know it isn’t for them all.

I guess some people need to feel in themselves that they helped someone. But what about all the people in our own country (United States) that need help? Look at all of these celebrities donating, I will bet you a good vest majority of them are going to write this off on their taxes and get their money back. So let them donate, why should you be donating when you can use the money elsewhere? Again, this is your decision and I am not telling you not to donate. I am just saying think realistically here. Look at cell phone companies donating or giving you free calls to Haiti, let them donate. They have the money, why can’t they fork up the money instead?

Then their is our government, let them help them rather than letting our own people take money out their pockets when we are in a recession already as it is. Now since I started writing this post, there has been a lot more money donated to Haiti. I do not have an exact figure but I do know it is over $2 billion. I mean Obama donated $250 million, then you have tonight show hosts like Larry King able to raise $8 million if I recall. I do not know what last night’s celebrity event pulled off but I’m sure that was $10 million+?

So alright, the entire world included, there is over $2 billion donated to Haiti. Is this enough? When is it enough? When it is finished? What happens when it happens again to them or somewhere else? So many questions, so little is known. Haiti actually had a second earthquake already too. Stuff like this will continue to happen. I am never seen so much news and talk about 1 single disaster in my lifetime. Yes, there was Katrina. But wow, I never saw as much news or talk about Katrina as I do Haiti. We are in a more tech age where texting has helped Haiti so much but then again, not much has really changed though since then too.

I could go on and on about this as I already have discussed with my friends. As I said already and will say again, I have nothing against those that actually want to donate and help, I just feel as if others with much more money to give is more useful to them. Not just that we are in a recession but for many other reasons and personal reason to yourself or whomever it may be too. Then also the millions of other people that need help and never get as much help as Haiti has already received today. I am not just saying for those that live in the United States either but other countries that need help just as much as Haiti but probably have never received this kind of treatment before. I do not think anyone else.