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I picked up the G1 phone from T-Mobile this past Saturday. Now having played with it for almost a week I must say this is such a great phone. I honestly had so many doubts about the phone to where I stuck with wanting to purchase the Sony Ericsson W902, well that finally came out and just as expected, price was $550. Honestly, such a great phone but did not want to pay that price especially when you do not get much out of it for what the G1 offers especially for $199.

I started with the RC29 update, battery life and things were great having just used it, few recharges from Saturday through Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning came finally with the RC30 update. Whoa, did that help the battery life so much more. I especially love the fact that if needed I could change the battery out unlike say the iPhone.

The applications so far are not so bad, I am loving ShopSavvy even though I do not use it as much but it is still nice. The iPhone has such an app too, so not like it has not been done before. I love the Google account integration, works flawlessly just as you would hope. Amazing. I am just anxiously waiting for more applications to come to the phone though.

Keyboard and touch screen work great. I honestly had doubts about the phones look when deciding about finally purchasing it. After going to the local T-Mobile store it did not look as bad as it did online pictures. The plastic is not so bad at all, I think it looks like in black and not so good in brown. The white and gray is very nice though and which I bought it in.

It has a great phone. If you are a T-Mobile customer or not, I would really recommend looking into purchasing this phone, go play with it and possibly even buy it. It can definitely compete with the iPhone and overs advantages over the iPhone but vice-versa disadvantages as well.