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It is very, very early in the morning here on Wednesday. So where are you Android 1.5 “Cupcake” update? Where are you!? Yes, I know as well as others it stated it would start rolling out the week of May 11th but it has not started yet but will be sometime this week.

Yet UK users and other countries already have this update, OTA or Manual. Why do they get it before us? I can understand a few days or week but it has been over 2 weeks now and we are still waiting. Yes, I am inpatient now waiting for it. Just give it to us, we know it’s done. I am sure part of the reason they are not is to let developers catch up and update their apps so they don’t break in the update when/if used. Well too bad, give it to us. I’ll wait on not using an app till they are fixed rather than wait on the update as it brings more.

Update: T-Mobile has changed their announcement stating that we will now see Cupcake at the end of this week. So expect this to be Friday as other rumors have come out today as well. You will have Cupcake by the end of the month for sure but it should start rolling out Friday. Those that can not wait can manually update, I will post instructions on how to do so when this comes out.

Update 2: As of Saturday, it is now rumored to finally come out Monday May 18th, 2009. So keep an eye out for it or do a manual install of it from Android forums out there. Post a comment if you need any help and I’ll do my best.