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I am extremely disappointed that Netflix has decided to pass on Terra Nova after FOX cancelled the series. I would have possibly put some good faith back into Netflix again and resubscribed if they would have saved the show. At least I just cancelled my membership with them this week and this is one of the main reasons why I did so. Which has been happening a lot to Netflix lately because of the how fiasco with them not too long ago, them splitting their service and networks not renewing with them.

It is not all Netflix’s fault though, you also have to blame FOX for actually deciding to cancel it after taking a few months to decide what they were going to do with it. It is really upsetting seeing how it is a great show and people that love the show would love to know what happens next season and so forth till it has ended. Not only that but we all really want to know what the Badlands are, what is there, and how it all came to be.

There is a lot that Fox could have done to cut costs, other shows have either done it or have survived with such ratings. Then there is advertising, for a show to survive you kind of have to advertise the show exists. I only saw a limited amount of advertising of it but at least more than other shows. They could have even gone as far as putting up Terra Nova posters in Museum; unless they did that. I hope some network decides to pick up Terra Nova, it would be nice.