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Last night I went and saw Furious 7 at the 7pm “midnight” opening and it was absolutely amazing. It had everything you could ask for in the Fast and Furious franchise. It had a lot of non-stop action, good fight scenes between all of the actors and a plot that I personally enjoyed and it seems other did as well.

The movie played a lot of homage to entire franchise throughout the years, including old friends such as Hector to even one of the two Muscle racers that Paul and Tyrese raced against in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The ending was a very emotional ending and one of the best that I think a movie could do for the loss and memory of Paul Walker.

Vin Diesel gave one of the best voice over speeches that you could ask for it. The best part of it was, was that fact he was just NOT speaking for the movie but also as a real-life speech and to his best friend on and off the screen. It was one of those moments where it takes you out of the movie experience and into real-life and it was a touching one.

Rest in Peace Paul Walker, you will truly be missed. Thank you for everything.

Paul Walker