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I finally had a chance to play LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. My first LEGO game to play too. Wow, I was amazed by the game not too far into it and even more by the end of the game. I can not believe how awesome of a game this is. I am sure the same goes for the other LEGO games, I will be renting them as well soon.

Now I must admit I did not have many expectations for the game, did not even check any reviews on the game. I partially was going for achievements, yes, guilty. But I really wanted to finally check out the game. Even finished the game for 1000 GS too (annoying having playing the Bonus Super Stories for that 100% and not being able to skip scenes).

Just as the title of the game, the story does follow the complete Star Wars saga. I enjoyed the game even more by turning on Extras which in order to do that, you need to find certain power bricks for that particularly Extra that can be turned on which names are not shown so do a search on Google for the name and locations of those if you are interested. Extras are basically Cheats ranging from being able to use the Dark Side with Jedi’s to Health Regeneration and much more.

Throughout the game I found myself laughing at little things here and there. Not absolute hilarious things but just funny for the developers to have done. An example of this would be the LEGO characters faces and their reactions to whatever is going on at the moment. This might be funnier though and more obvious if you have watched all the Star Wars movies before and know what to expect.

I never found the game too difficult what so ever. There is no difficulty setting however there is a setting that you can turn off called Adaptive Difficulty in the pause menu. Turning this off will make the game quite easier and not adept on how good or bad you are doing to make the game harder or easier, etc. Plus, as I said earlier, turning on Extras aka Cheats will make this game even more easier if you some how enjoy that, find the game hard or whatever the reason may be.

If you were ever interested in checking out the LEGO games, I really recommend doing so already. Even if you were not interested, it is a good game to check out or something different to play depending on what you play. If you are a Star Wars fan, you should really check out the game.