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I’ve been meaning to write my review on The Hangover Part II since after seeing the movie the night it came out when I went and saw it with my girlfriend, Jordan and my brother, Mike.

Let me first say that I’m a huge fan of the first film, I have literally watched it over 1,000 times easily, and will continue to over the course of my life. :) This will of course continue with this second movie as well. I would feel the same with any more as well, which is why I would LOVE to do at least 1 more. If they were to do a third one, which I really hope they do, it needs to be based on Alan (Zach Galifianakis). I would hope we could finally see more of Doug (Justin Bartha) too.

Back to my review though, it was awesome! I absolutely loved it and every moment of it. It’s hard for me to dislike a movie though, sure some movies mess up with sequels and there will be people that actually hated this one or will say “it’s the same as the first one” but they don’t get it at the same time it seems. The first movie will always be the best, that’s what you loved. I loved the first one as well as the fact that it was in Las Vegas, which just one of the best places you could ever visit. But that doesn’t mean I disliked/hate this sequel, not at all.

There are a lot of great moments and laughs in this one compared to the first too. You can sometimes guess what is going to happen next, but sometimes not at all or guessed wrong. They really tried to make sure that you wouldn’t guess what was going to happen or where Teddy was. They even poked fun at and made sure to check the rooftop of where they ended up in Bangkok first too. That was hilarious.

Overall, this is a must movie to see if you enjoy these types of films, comedy, etc. Especially if you enjoyed the first Hangover, I don’t see how this second one could disappoint you. It’s just another movie, this time a sequel. The industry writes and directs terrible movies all the time (comedy and not), this is not one of those nor close.