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Are Nintendo consoles going to disappear just like Sega did in 2001 within the next 5 to 10 years? Maybe around 2016? I think so. I do not think you will see them completely disappear, I see them taking the same route as Sega and moving towards all software instead.

Why do I think this? Well read and think about this. Microsoft has the Project Natal addon for its Xbox 360 coming out later this year in 2010. Project Natal is going to be able to do much more than the Nintendo Wii will ever do and just possibly any new console Nintendo ever pushes out, could do.

Microsoft Xbox Video Games are just so much superior than Wii’s little games, mainly arcade titles remade, Wii Resort, Wii Sports, etc. Exclude Xbox Live for a moment, any game hands down beats the Wii down. We all know this, yes, there are different groups of gamers that love Wii games over the 360. That is all understandable, I am not arguing this anywhere. But that group of people is much smaller than the larger group for Xbox 360 (or even PlayStation).

I am not bashing the Wii or Nintendo, I can see how it looks like I might be. But I have always loved Nintendo, maybe not so much now a days as I do towards the Xbox 360. I just for see them eventually disappearing such as what has happened to Sega in the console market. We have, or at least I and many others, grown up and seen great fun consoles disappear and in a short period of time to never live a “full life”.

Nintendo has Zelda, Mario and other great, lovable and never, ever forgettable characters but will they always be there to save the console? I do not think so. Yes, the Nintendo Wii has sold many, many consoles. There is no doubt about that or looking at those stats, that you would think Nintendo would disappear from the console market. But I at least, am one of those people that just think it could inevitably happen.

Kids love the Wii and it is a great party system to kids and teens. Sometimes even adults. Maybe I am looking at the Nintendo from a pro gamer aspect and then thinking it can not survive, while part of that may be true, I think you need to hit that pro gamer market and older markets to further survive. Everyone grows up, so I think that everyone that is growing up with the Wii, will eventually need to be hit as well or they may lose them too and come to a drought in between generations.